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Finland is one of the revolutionary nations in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, available to the Russians and Swedes.


Home City Cards[]

Purple: Shipment that can be sent an INFINITE number of times
Card Description
Finland Home City (Food Crates).png 1600 Food Ships 1,600 food
Finland Home City (Coin Crates).png 1600 Coin Ships 1,600 coin
Finland Home City (Blockhouse Wagons).png 6 Blockhouse Wagons Ships 6 Blockhouse Wagons
Canada Home City (Elk).png 15 Elk Ships 15 Elks
Finland Home City (Hakkapelits).png 8 Hakkapelits Ships 8 Hakkapelits and upgrades them to Veteran (if not already for the Swedes)
Finland Home City (Finnish Taiga).png Finnish Taiga Existing Houses/Torps and Blockhouses spawn 1 tree
Finland Home City (Prospector Wagons).png 4 Prospector Wagons Ships 4 Prospector Wagons
Finland Home City (Turku Academy).png Turku Academy Ships 1 additional Explorer and 4 Surgeons, and allows Explorers to use the Heal ability, build Field Hospitals, and train Surgeons
German Home City 4 (Guild Artisans).png Northern Wilderness Karelian Jaegers can gather all natural resources at the same rate as Settlers. Fishing Boats may be trained at Docks.
Finland Home City (Blackberries).png Blackberries Existing Houses/Torps and Blockhouses spawn 1 Berry Bush


Unlike all other revolutionary nations, which either turn their Villagers into military units or give them a buff when revolting, Finland offers a hybrid unit: The Karelian Jaeger, which is a Skirmisher that can collect some resources and build buildings. Furthermore, instead of having a Citizenship card, like most revolutionary nations, Finland instead offers Northern Wilderness, which enables the Karelian Jaegers to collect natural resources at the same rate as a Settler. So having this in mind, Finland can make a mass attack with Karelian Jaegers, but if the player decides not to do that, their Karelian Jaegers can keep gathering resources, so the economy will not be as disrupted as with other revolutionary nations, while at the same time, the player can defend better.

Finland is a good choice if the player is focusing on a mixture of defense and booming the economy. Finland has unlimited Blockhouse cards, and eliminates Blockhouse build limit, so the player can gain map control by placing them in strategic spots, while at the same time the Turku Academy card ships 4 Surgeons and an additional Explorer, and enables Explorers to use the Heal ability and train Surgeons, so the player's army's lifespan increases as Explorers, Field Hospitals, and Surgeons can heal soldiers.

Most of the cards Finland offers are focused toward sustaining its economy, but at the same time, the resources from the shipments can be shared with its allies. Finland has food and coin cards (which Karelian Jaegers can collect), they have the Elk card which sends 15 Elks, an infinite 4 Prospector Wagons card (each Prospector Wagon can be turned into a copper mine for coin), and Blackberries and Finnish Taiga makes Houses and Torps spawn Berry Bushes and trees, respectively. These three last cards synergize better if playing with Swedes than with Russians, as Torps can gather resources that are near them.

Lastly, Finland offers an infinite 8 Hakkapelit card and upgrades them to Veteran, making this unit available to the Russians.

Recommended shipment cards[]

For Swedes and Russians
  • Master Surgeons: Increases the healing capabilities of Surgeons, which is a good thing, considering that Explorers can train them due to the Turku Academy card.
  • Fencing School: Improves the creation speed of Karelian Jaegers.
  • Improved Buildings: As Finland relies on Blockhouses and Torps/Houses to work, it is necessary that those buildings have better hit points.
  • Advanced Frontier Defenses.
  • Stonemasons: Blockhouse Wagons play an important role in Finland's strategy, so it is advisable to reduce their build time.
  • Factory shipments: Despite the fact that Karelina Jaegers can gather some resources, it may still be necessary to have a trickle of resources.
For Swedes
  • TEAM Falun Mine: Mines last longer, which benefits the Copper Mines from Prospector Wagons.
  • Duelist: Considering Finland can have two Explorers from the Turku Academy card, it is a good idea to also give them extra attack and abilities.
  • Surströmming: The Fish crates (whose food yield increses over time) can be gathered by Karelian Jaegers.
  • Finnhorses, TEAM Ranged Cavalry Combat, Snaplock and Trample Tactics: Since Finland provides Hakkapelit shipments, it is a good idea to improve them.
  • Engelsberg Ironworks: Since Torps can gather resources and Finland has a 4 Prospecto Wagons card, it is a good idea to improve their mine gathering rate and area of gathering.
  • Dominions: It delivers 4 Torp Wagons, Torps become stronger and can gather from crates and receive Home City shipments. Considering Finland has crate shipments and shipments that spawn resources, it is good to have this.
  • Great Northern Forest: It spawns 1 tree at each Torp and Torps can gather wood from trees farther away.
  • Colbertism: It grants a trickle of food, which may be hepful when revolting.
For Russians
  • Polar Explorer: Considering Finland can have two Explorers from the Turku Academy card, it is a good idea to also give them extra hit points and a better attack vs Treasure Guardians.
  • Ransack: it benefits Karelian Jaegers' attack vs buildings.
  • Cavalry Combat, TEAM Cavalry Scouts: Hakkapelits can be shipped with Finland, and these shipments benefit Hakkapelits.
  • Frontier Defenses: It increases Blockhouse hit points (note: Sweden also has a card named Frontier Defenses, but it is an infinite card and does not offer extra hitpoints for Blockhouses).
  • TEAM Dueling School: It benefits Karelian Jaegers.
  • Sevastopol: Reduces the build time of Blockhouses.
  • TEAM Barracks Hitpoints: Increases the hit points of Blockhouses.
  • Blockhouse Cannon: Enables Blockhouses to train Falconets and Mortars.
  • Advanced Arsenal: Improvements allowed by this card benefit Hakkapelits and Karelian Jaegers.
  • Distributivism: Grants a trickle of wood, which may be helpful when revolting.


  • Finland's flag is based on the one temporarily used by Finland from December 1917 to May 1918.
  • Finland's availability to both the Russians and the Swedes reflect the fact that Finland was part of Sweden until 1809, and part of the Russian Empire as the autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland until 1918.