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Fimbulwinter is a Norse Mythic Age god power in Age of Mythology that is available to worshipers of Tyr. When cast, it summons four packs of nine Fimbulwinter Wolves to attack enemy towns on the map for 35 seconds. The Wolves will be spawned next to hostile or unclaimed Settlements. The player has no control over the Wolves, and they die when the effect of the god power ends.

Fimbulwinter is a god power shield, i.e. while it is in effect, no other god powers can be cast.


Fimbulwinter is best used while besieging an enemy town to distract the enemy and prevent them from using their own god powers, as no other god powers can be invoked while Fimbulwinter is in effect.

Another way to use Fimbulwinter is when an enemy has marched his army to fight, so that the Wolves can harass villagers, or even destroy some structures, effectively ruining an enemy's economy. Players can counter this by simply ringing the Town Bell at the Town Center. This not only protects the worker units from harm but also increases the Town Center's attack, making it easier to kill the individual Wolves.

Fimbulwinter Wolf[]

Fimbulwinter Wolves are considered myth units and are moderately powerful - they have 180 hit points, compared to regular Wolves with 45 - and will easily kill villagers and damage buildings. A single pack of Fimbulwinter Wolves is strong enough to take out an non-upgraded Town Center. However, they can be easily be defended against with combat units as the Wolves have low hack armor.



Scientific name -- Canis lupus horriblis
Size -- 100 - 200 lbs.
Diet -- humans

The wolf was a symbol of mysterious power in Norse mythology. Odin was accompanied by two wolves, and Fenrir played a role in the destruction of the world. The Fimbulwinter in Norse mythology is one of the precursors of Ragnarok, and consisted of three successive winters without an intervening summer.


  • Originally, Fimbulwinter was known as "Wild".
    • Instead of using a standard god power cast sound, "Wild" used what would end up becoming the Great Hunt cast sound, however apart from that, Fimbulwinter and Wild were functionally identical, as both spawned packs of Wolves.
    • The snow effects and the general Fimbulwinter theme likely originate from the cut Thor Snowstorm god power.


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