Fervor is a technology in Age of Empires II that can be researched at the Monastery. Once researched, it increases the movement speed of Monks and Missionaries by 15%.

Fervor is available to all civilizations except for the Incas, Malay, and Vietnamese.

Strategy Edit

Fervor is useful for ensuring the Monks can move to locations of interest. These could be the enemy in a Monk rush, a friendly army, or Relics that need to be collected.

Civilization bonuses Edit

  • Aztecs: Fervor gives Monks +5 HP.
  • Burmese: Fervor is 50% cheaper.
  • Chinese: Fervor is 15%/20% cheaper in the Castle/Imperial Age.

Team bonuses Edit

  • A team containing Lithuanians: Fervor is researched 20% faster.

Changelog Edit

The Age of Kings Edit

  • Fervor applies to all Monks.

The Conquerors Edit

  • Fervor gives speed only to Monks carrying Relics due to a bug.
  • Fervor does not affect Missionaries.

The Forgotten Edit

  • Fervor works properly again, increasing the speed of Monks both with and without Relics.
  • Fervor affects Missionaries now.

History Edit

"The strongest religions inspire great passion and fervor among their faithful. The result is a high degree of commitment and effort, especially among the teachers and interpreters of the group."
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