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Fenris Wolf Brood are Norse Mythic Age myth units in Age of Mythology that are available to worshipers of Tyr and can be researched at the Temple once the Mythic Age is reached. They are comparatively cheap.

Special ability[]

Fenris Wolf Brood gain 18% more attack and speed with each additional Fenris Wolf within 30 meters. Each Fenris Wolf within the "pack" receives this bonus. Once five Fenris Wolves have been grouped, their attack and speed will not increase any further.

God bonuses and upgrades[]


Loki reduces the favor cost by 10%.


They are fairly effective against most human soldiers, but are weaker than most Mythic Age myth units. This is offset by the fact that they grow stronger when in packs. As they cost very little resources (especially under Loki’s worship) and take up little population, players are encouraged to train several Fenris Wolves to maximize their power. A large pack can take on stronger myth units, but are still easily defeated by heroes.

The Fenris Wolf Brood do not deal crush damage so they are not as effective against buildings. Instead, due to their amazing hack damage and speed when massed, they are well suited for late game hit-and-runs or for protecting stronger units, such as Mountain Giants, from enemies. What's important to remember is that Fenris Wolves only get stronger if other wolves are close by. Any individual that wanders too far suddenly becomes weaker and slower, making them easier to kill. It is recommended for players to assign the entire wolf pack under the same group banner so that it can quickly be reassembled if the wolves disperse. This can also be used to have all wolves quickly retreat to a Healing Spring or Valkyrie if one or more member has been severely wounded.


Age of Mythology[]

The Fenris Wolf Brood's pack ability has a range of 25 meters.

The Titans[]

  • With patch 1.02, Fenris Wolf Brood's speed boost was reduced to 15%.

Tale of the Dragon[]

  • With patch 2.7, the Fenris Wolf Brood's pack bonus is +18% attack and speed. Radius increased to 30 meters.


Scientific name -- Canis fenris
Size -- 550 lbs.
Diet -- deer, cattle, gods

The original Fenrir (of which these monsters are just the offspring) was the product of Loki and the giantess Angrboda. The gods raised the wolf in Asgard, but only Tyr had the courage to feed it. Unfortunately, the wolf grew larger and larger until nothing could chain him down. Finally the dwarves made a chain out of the roots of a mountain, silence of a moving cat, and the breath of a fish. In order to trick Fenrir into moving close enough to be chained, Tyr offered him food, and in retribution, the wolf bit off his arm. Fenrir then began to howl until the gods stuck a sword in his mouth as a gag.

At Ragnarok, Fenrir is fated to break his chains and kill Odin.


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