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The Fence in an unconstructable wall introduced in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms. Fences are only available in the Scenario Editor. Despite being Walls, they are actually just a gimmick. With only a single hit point, almost every unit that encounters a fence can easily destroy it without being delayed much, with the exception of units with no attack capabilities.

Campaign appearances[]

CampaignIcon-SaladinDE Saladin[]

CampaignIcon-KhanDE Genghis Khan[]

  • Into China: Chinese Engineers have several small Fences in their two bases.

CampaignIcon-BariDE Bari[]

CampaignIcon-DraculaDE Vlad Dracula[]

  • The Moon Rises: The Hungarians have a small Fence with a Horse inside.

CampaignIcon-PrithvirajDE Prithviraj[]

CampaignIcon-SforzaDE Sforza[]

  • Mercenaries and Masters: Southwestern countryside has its Farms surrounded by Fences. There is also a Fence west of Brescia.
  • His Own Man: A small farmland outside of Forli is surrounded by a Fence.
  • Viva Sforza!: The outlying Milanese villages contain border Fences.

CampaignIcon-FranciscoDE Francisco de Almeida[]

CampaignIcon-SundjataDE Sundjata[]

  • Hunted: A Fence outside of Niani contains several Ostriches. There is a Fence containing Goats inside Kangaba. The main Sosso base also has Fences making up two goat enclosures.
  • The Sting of the Scorpion: There is a small Fence next to a Barracks and a pile of wood in Sundjata's starting base.
  • Djeriba Gold: Southern Malian raider camp is surrounded by Fences. The Arab Merchant also has an enclosure for Camels. Southwestern and easternmost Djenne villages, the northern Sosso camp and the Imam, have fenced goat enclosures. There are also some random Fences in the northeast and easternmost Djenne villages.
  • Blood on the River Bank: Mema Princess is held captive in a prison made of Fences and bushes.
  • The Lion's Den: A fenced Horse enclosure is located in Koumbi Saleh. Another Fence is close to the main entrance into the city.

CampaignIcon-YoditDE Yodit[]

  • Path of Exile: The allied Aksumite village has a Fence containing its Goats.
  • The Right Partner: The goat enclosure in the main starting camp is made of Fences. Beja chieftain's daughter, Makeda, is held captive in a prison made of Fences in the far north.
  • [[A Fallen Crown|30}}: Aksumite Empire has Fences in its Scorpion and Onager bases east of the river and Begemder Elephant enclosures are made of Fences. The southern Darginda base also has a small Fence.
  • Broken Stelae: There is a Fence next to the central enemy Monastery.

CampaignIcon-BayinnaungDE Bayinnaung[]

  • The White Elephant: A small patch of Jungle is surrounded by Fences just southeast of Sukhothai. There is also a small Fence just west of the starting area.

CampaignIcon-LeLoiDE Le Loi[]

  • The Dai Viet Uprising: The eastern Vietnamese village has a Fence around a patch of bamboo trees and a Fence next to some eastern houses. Trinh base has a Fence serving as its horse enclosure. Ming farms in the northwest also contain a couple of Fences.
  • The Mountain Siege: A Fence surrounds the Monastery within the fortress. A Fence also contains Vietnamese prisoners in the southeast, in Ming territory.
  • The Battle at Hanoi: Both local villages contain Fences. The pass northeast of the southern village is flanked by Fences. The pen containing the local Villagers also has a weak side made of a Fence instead of a Palisade Wall.
  • A Three-Pronged Attack: A Fence surrounds the Town Center within Nghe An.

CampaignIcon-SuryavarmanIDE Suryavarman I[]

CampaignIcon-GajahMadaDE Gajah Mada[]

  • Unconditional Loyalty: A Fence makes up a small Elephant enclosure within Trowulan, by its eastern wall between the two eastern entrances.

Battles of the Conquerors Icon Battles of the Conquerors[]

  • Scn 01 tours normal Tours: Several small Fences are located inside Tours and there are single segment Fences pointing outwards from the Gates of Tours.

Battles of the Forgotten Icon Battles of the Forgotten[]

  • Scn 15 bapheus normal Bapheus: The Horse enclosure in Osman's estate is made of a Fence.
  • Scn 14 cyprus normal Cyprus: There is a small Fence in the western outskirts of Nicosia.

CampaignIcon-Ivaylo Ivaylo[]

  • [[A Most Unlikely Man|30}}: A Mill east of the main camp has a Fence keeping several Pigs inside it.
  • Echoes of Heroes: A Fence is blocking a Siege Onager in the northern corner of the map. There's also a small Fence to the east of Devnya.

CampaignIcon-Kotyan Kotyan Khan[]

  • Blood for Blood: Northernmost, southernmost and westernmost Hungarian Villages contain some Fences. Tatar forces also hold several Ox Carts captive within Fences, along the Danube coast.

CampaignIcon-EdwardDE Edward Longshanks[]

CampaignIcon-HautevillesDE The Hautevilles[]

Algirdas icon Algirdas and Kestutis[]

32 jadwiga normal Jadwiga[]

Jan Zizka icon Jan Zizka[]

  • The Golden City: The two eastern Storehouses have small Fences around them.
  • Warrior of God: The Storehouse east of Prague still has some small Fences around it.

Babur Icon Babur[]

  • The Last Timurids: The Elephant enclosure used by the Elephant Breeder is made of Fences.

Rajendra Icon Rajendra[]

  • Sacred Waters: The local village west of Utkala contains Fences surrounding the village's goats.

CampaignIcon-WilliamDE William Wallace[]

Thoros Icon Thoros II[]

Ismail Icon Ismail[]

Tamar Icon Tamar[]

  • Takeover: Fences are present in the southern and northern Armenian villages, as well as along the coast in the western Aznauri-held town.
  • Yury's Revenge: There are some Fences in Tbilisi and in every enemy base.
  • The Queen in the Panther's Skin: The Turkoman camp and the Ghurid camp at the final battle have some Fences in it. The Persian city north of Tamar's initial encampment also has some.

VictorsAndVanquished Campaign Icon Victors and Vanquished[]

  • Scn 35 constantine Constantine XI: The Ottoman bases have small Fences.
  • Scn 39 drake Drake: A Small Fence is present outside the Stone Walls of the eastern base of the Viceroy's Men.
  • Scn 26 finehair Finehair: A Small Fence is present to the south of Hordaland and in the Norse base.
  • Scn 21 gaiseric Gaiseric: Some Fences can be found in the Franks' base to the northwest. The Northern Goth base also has a small Fence with cattle inside.
  • Scn 25 ironside Ironside: Haraldr is surrounded by a Fence in Qurtubah's base.
  • Scn 31 komnenos Komnenos: The player has two small Fence sections to the west of the fortified city.
  • Scn 38 nobunaga Nobunaga: Several players have Fences in their bases.
  • Scn 28 otto Otto: A Fence is present on the island in the western corner. It contains a gaia Villager and two Sheep.
  • Scn 24 ragnar Ragnar: Fences in the northern region of the starting location. Some Fences are present outside the Frank cities. Some of them contain herdables, some of them protect Farms. The Gaels and Britons have an army camp in central Ireland where they have some cattle inside a Fence. Several Fences to the north and southwest of Wessex and Anglia. The Vikings have several Fences holding cattle.
  • Scn 27 robert Robert: Some Fences are present in the starting base of the player.
  • Scn 29 seljuk Seljuk: The northern Kipchak base has a small Fence containing two Goats near the Cuman Wonder.
  • Scn 37 shimazu Shimazu: The Koreans have a small Fence on their island.
  • Scn 32 stephen Stephen: Fences are present on the island under control of High King Turlough.


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