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The Fanatic is a formidable Atlantean unit possessing a large attack with bonuses against human soldiers. They are trained from the Palace in the Mythic Age.

Attack bonuses[]

God Bonuses and Upgrades[]



Oranos increases movement speed by 10%.


Wielding two swords, they deal out a large amount of damage to both infantry and cavalry units. Their fairly high hack armor adds to their effectiveness in melee combat making them versatile infantry units. If resources and population space allows it they can and should replace Murmillo as the primary infantry unit.

Like the Murmillo, they are strong against cavalry but in addition to that they have an attack bonus against infantry as well. However, they are unable to carry shields and like most infantry are vulnerable to ranged attacks. While they can take down archers if they get close enough they will likely be picked off before they get too close. As such they should be included in formations with Arcus, which can defeat enemy archers due to their superior range or Contarius, which can close the gap with archers easily.


The Fanatic is an expensive, late unit that is good against all other normal units and is vulnerable to units that are good against infantry like Toxotes or Throwing Axemen.

War cultists devoted to one Titan or another presented a great threat to the ruling priest class of early Atlantis - they were powerful, destructive and bowed to no law but their own. After the Titans were imprisoned some groups of cultists, still eager for blood but aware of their sudden vulnerability, organized under the banners of Atlantis. They were the Fanatics - they fought with two swords, disdaining the protection of a shield.

Fanatic Hero[]

Attack bonuses[]



  • Bite of the Shark.png Bite of the Shark (Oceanus) increases attack by 15%.



  • The Fanatics were (according to the in-game files) meant to be called Royal Guards.
  • For editor users: The Fanatic's proto name is royalguard or royalguardhero for the hero version.
  • The Fanatics (much like the Murmillos, and to an extent Destroyers) are based on a gladiator, specifically a Dimachaerus.
  • The Fanatics artwork appears to have been based upon a common depiction of the Incan creator god, Viracocha, likely yet another connection between the Atlanteans, and South America.


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