Fall of the Trident, the campaign from Age of Mythology, opens in Atlantis, where the lead admiral Arkantos is set on the goal to regain the favor of Poseidon, the favorite God of the Atlantean people.


Greek part of the campaign Edit

At first, he repels a series of raids by Black Sail pirates, led by the minotaur Kamos, before he's given the task of assisting Agamemnon and his Greek soldiers in the Trojan War. After a series of skirmishes against Troy, fighting alongside the heroes Ajax and Odysseus, they devise a plan involving the famous Trojan Horse, and swiftly win the war.

Afterwards, Ajax recommends that Arkantos sail to Ioklos, home of the centaur Chiron, to repair his ships. When they arrive however, the port has been raided by an unknown force and Arkantos and Ajax must free a captured Chiron. Chiron takes them north to locate the men from Ioklos, taken prisoner so they can dig up an entrance to the Underworld for Gargarensis, a Cyclops warlord and commander of Kamos. The heroes enter the underworld, where Gargarensis is trying to break through a large door way. Cautious of his motives, they destroy the battering ram, but are trapped when the caverns cave in. With the help of the dead, they reach some temples dedicated to the Greek gods, and Arkantos discovers that it is Zeus, not Poseidon, that favors him, and they escape.

Egyptian part of the campaign Edit

They reach the surface in Egypt, where they are drawn into aiding Nubian queen Amanra against bandits under the warlord Kemsyt. She reveals that the Egyptian God Osiris has been killed by Set, who aides Gargarensis. Amanra, however, plans to reunite Osiris' body parts scattered throughout the desert, bringing him back. While at first the heroes, along with priest Setna are captured by Gargarensis, they escape and each are sent on mission to retrieve all the parts of Osiris. Before this, Arkantos falls asleep and is met by Athena, who reveals Gargarensis's motives. Favored by Poseidon, he plans to free the titan Kronos from Tartarus (imprisoned by the Greek Gods), so that Kronos can grant Gargarensis immortality.

Amanra retrieves one of Osiris's body parts from Kemsyt, Chiron retrieves another from inside the Tamarisk Tree, while Ajax and Arkantos retrieve the final part from Kamos, who throws himself against Arkantos, landing on his spear, and then falling off a cliff onto a bed of rocks. With all pieces together, Osiris is resurrected and dispatches Gargarensis’s army, and so the cyclops flees to Midgard.

On the way north, Ajax and Arkantos find Odysseus's wrecked ship, who has been cursed by Circe and so fight back and free his crew, who have been turned into pigs.

Norse part of the campaign Edit

When they reach the north, they are given directions to the underworld by dwarf brothers Brokk and Eitri in return for repelling giants from their forge. Later, an elderly man named Skult gives them a banner which is to reunite the Norse clans. However, when the flag is shown, the clans become hostile towards them due to the flag being that of the enemy giant Folstag, a trick by Skult who is actually Loki, who also allied with Gargarensis. With the help of the Valkyrie Reginleif, they locate Gargarensis and the Tartarian Gate. They attempt to destroy the Giant Gate Ram here, but are pursued by Fire Giants until Chiron sacrifices himself to save them.

While Gargarensis is at the gate, Brokk and Eitri have been rebuilding Thor's hammer (shattered by Loki), that upon completion seals the gate. Back on the surface, they confront Gargarensis with the help of Odysseus, where the cyclops is captured and executed.

Back to Atlantis Edit

Arkantos sails back to Atlantis, but when he brings out Gargarensis's head on the ship, he discovers that he has been tricked by Loki - the head is actually Kemsyt's. Gargarensis is still alive and at Atlantis, trying to open the last gate. Arkantos is blessed by Zeus, and confronts Gargarensis at the temple of Poseidon. Gargarensis is defeated and Atlantis collapses into the ocean, along with Arkantos. While the remaining heroes sail away with the Atlanteans, Athena rewards Arkantos by making him immortal.

Scenarios Edit

  1. Omens
  2. Consequences
  3. Scratching the Surface
  4. A Fine Plan
  5. Just Enough Rope
  6. I Hope This Works
  7. More Bandits
  8. Bad News
  9. Revelation
  10. Strangers
  11. The Lost Relic
  12. Light Sleeper
  13. Tug of War
  14. Isis, Hear My Plea
  15. Let's Go
  16. Good Advice
  17. The Jackal's Stronghold
  18. A Long Way From Home
  19. Watch That First Step
  20. Where They Belong
  21. Old Friends
  22. North
  23. The Dwarven Forge
  24. Not From Around Here
  25. Welcoming Committee
  26. Union
  27. The Well of Urd
  28. Beneath the Surface
  29. Unlikely Heroes
  30. All Is Not Lost
  31. Welcome Back
  32. A Place in My Dreams

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Trivia Edit

  • Fall of the Trident went through many changes in its development. It originally followed Misenus, before he was cut and replaced with the current main characters. The script also went through many changes, from a 200-page, to 140-page, and to a 101-page. The final script length is unknown. The campaign also included 40, to 36, to a final 32 scenarios, and many characters were cut.
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