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Fall of the Mitanni is the fourth scenario of the Reign of the Hittites campaign in the Age of Empires demo. The Hittites must make their way into Mitanni lands and steal an Artifact.

Scenario instructions[]


1300 BC

Your people have begun expansion into Mesopotamia and have forced the Mitanni to retreat behind their walls. After spending decades on the receiving end of Hittite assaults, the Mitanni are poor and close to collapse; their only hope for a continued existence lies in a generous tribute from Egypt. Currently, this war chest is being brought back to the Mitanni capital and, should it arrive, it will allow them to finance a new military for use against you.

To intercept this gift from Egypt, you have sent your troops into the lands between Egypt's eastern empire and the southern border of the Mitanni. One of these groups, an outpost along the Euphrates, has spotted the caravan they suspect may be transporting the gold and has begun moving against it. If you can capture the war chest and return it to your camp, you will ensure the fall of the Mitanni and also amass funds to use in bolstering your own army. As they were so quickly assembled, your troops left behind many devices common to your Bronze Age civilization -- they must rediscover these if they wish to make use of them against the Mitanni.
—In-game section

Starting conditions[]


  • Convert enemy villagers to build a settlement.
  • Build an army and send it forward to eliminate all remaining Mitanni.


  • Walls are your best friend. Build them quickly and everywhere. When you are finished, build walls behind your walls.
  • Build several docks separate from one another and attempt to quickly amass a navy. If you can wall yourself in and take over the water, you can prevent attackers from disturbing you while you build up.
  • When the time comes to attack, use a wave of boats to knock out anything within range along your opponent's shoreline. Your attacks may lure some of his troops into range as well, but be certain your ships are not close enough to shore (or atop shallows) that they can be attacked.



  • Hatti (Hittites): The player starts with a Stone Age army and some buildings in the southern corner of the map. There are neither gold nor stone mines in the initial area of control of the player.


  • Mitanni (Assyrians): The Mitanni start with a vast Tool Age army and some stone throwers, and a small navy. Their base consists of most Tool Age buildings. The Mitanni also control all the gold and stone mines with watch towers. Despite starting in the Bronze Age, they do not train any units of that respective age. They attack with Tool Age units and their initial Stone Throwers.


Building walls and towers, and keeping a few Scout Ships off the coast, will hold back Mitanni attacks while the player builds up their base. All the gold on the map is protected by Mitanni towers, which the player can raze by using their strong and long ranged navy.

Chariot Archers and Stone Throwers will allow the player to make their way into the enemy town, take their Artifact, and send it to the player's own town.


Historical notes[]

Around 1450 BC the Mitanni conquered Assyria, temporarily extinguishing any threat from that quarter. The Babylonians had gone into a decline, and were not a major threat either. In a bold move, the Mitanni made peace with the Egyptians in 1440 BC, allowing them to concentrate on strengthening their empire and confronting the aggressive Hittites coming in from the west. The stage was set for a clash between the two titans.
—In-game section

Historical outcome[]

Mitanni efforts to push back or even hold against the Hittites were in vain. It is not clear if the Mitanni were exhausted from their own empire building and the defeat of the Assyrians. In 1380 BC, the Hittites under their greatest king, Suppiluliuma, overthrew the Mitanni empire and it passed from the pages of history.

This left the Hittites and the Egyptians as the two major players in the Near East for the time being.
—In-game section
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