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Faith is a technology in Age of Empires II that can be researched at the Monastery once the Imperial Age is reached. Once researched, it increases the resistance of all units against conversion by raising the minimum time needed for a conversion by two seconds, and the maximum time by about four seconds. The chance that a Monk has per second to complete the conversion is also lowered by 67% (which increases the average conversion time).

Faith is not only the most expensive technology in the Monastery, but also the only religious technology to cost not only gold, but also food (though before patch 1.0b of The Conquerors, Theocracy also cost food).

Faith is available to all civilizations except for the Bulgarians, Gurjaras, Magyars, and Tatars.

The Teutons give all their own units and their team mates' units a higher conversion resistance, and also have access to Faith. The Sicilian unique technology First Crusade also gives their units a higher conversion resistance, and they also have access to Faith. As a result, these two civilizations have the highest resistances against conversion in 1v1 games. In team games, the Sicilians with a Teuton ally have the highest possible conversion resistance.

Civilization bonuses[]

Team bonuses[]

  • A team containing Lithuanians: Researching Faith is 20% faster.


The Forgotten[]

  • Slavs: Cannot research Faith.

Rise of the Rajas[]

  • Khmer: Cannot research Faith.

Definitive Edition[]

  • Khmer: Faith added to their technology tree.
  • Slavs: Faith added to their technology tree.
  • Portuguese: With update 42848, all technologies are researched 30% faster.


  • Faith is derived from the Latin Fides. It is one of the three theological virtues, according to Paul, in his first epistle to the Corinthians, chapter 13.
  • Faith, being the strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof - according to the dictionary - can be said to be as old as the first established religion in time. However, in-game, considering the time it is to be researched (in the Imperial Age, i.e. past the Feudal Age), it's possible that this technology symbolizes the outlining of important theological definitions of this era (in Christian Europe), in the form of the Reformation (Luther, Calvin, for example), the Counter-Reformation, and the "Third Rome" concept in Orthodox Christendom.
  • Tatars are the only civilization that lacks both Faith and Heresy, thus having no protection against conversion.
  • Faith’s icon is based on a St. Patrick’s Church window depicting Saint John[1], to whom the Gospel of John’s authorship is traditionally attributed.


Civilizations can conflict ideologically, as well as militarily and economically. When the Christian Crusaders invaded the Holy Lands, for example, they encountered the ideas of Islam, as well as new weapons, tactics, and desirable goods.
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