The Factory is an agricultural and military building featured in Age of Empires III.

Overview Edit

The Factory is a unique building that is available during the Industrial Age for every European civilization. The Factory is sent as a Home City shipment from the "Factory" and "Robber Barons" cards, both of which will send Factory Wagons to construct Factories. The Factory is able to generate a steady source of food, wood, coin, or heavy artillery for the player at no cost. The factory offers upgrades to increase the production rate of whatever the Factory is configured to produce; Cannery for food, Water Power for wood, Steam Power for coin, and Mass Production for artillery.

The building also provides an Imperial upgrade for the civilizations' heavy artillery unit. Most civilizations receive the Heavy Cannon unit, although the British receive the Rocket and the Ottomans receives the Great Bombard.

Factories are best placed in a well-guarded position, because there is no way to rebuild them if they are destroyed.

It can be built by the Chinese civilization by shipping it from the Consulate with Russia as its ally. It can also be constructed by India during their single player campaign by also taking Russia as an ally.

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"A factory is a large building that produces goods on a large scale and is usually associated with machinery, division of labor, and workers who are paid a wage. The first known factory was the Venice Arsenal, which began mass-producing ships in 1104. Factories came into common use in the eighteenth century and as the Industrial Revolution gathered steam, so to speak, factories cropped up in urban areas all over the western world."

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