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Export is a fifth type of resource introduced Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. It is only available to Asian civilizations and used to purchase shipments from the Consulate.

Export can be an important resource as the Consulate grants access to European ally-dependent buildings, technologies, and units, while its shipments arrive much faster than Home City Cards.

Consulate Edit

The rate of export earned by Villagers, Cree Coureur des Bois, and Settler Wagons can be changed at the Consulate, but other resource gathering will suffer from a penalty depending on the Export rate selected:

0 export rate Gather export and other resources normally
5 export rate Gather export 35% faster but gather other resources 5% slower
10 export rate Gather export 60% faster but gather other resources 10% slower
Note: The 5% increase to gather rates for the Indians and Chinese by selecting the French at the consulate reduces the -5% penalty to a very neglible amount in exchange for 35% greater export. It lowers the -10% to around 5% as well. With a Japanese ally sending TEAM Chonindo both the Chinese and Indians using the French will have a bonus to other gather rates running +60% to export gather rate. Finally, Klamath Work Ethos adds a 5% gather rate bonus as well, further countering the penalty on maps where they are present.

Gather rates Edit

This table shows the initial gathering rates. The building, and card granted trickle rates are fixed and can not be increased via the Consulate, though they can be stacked with other trickle cards, or buildings available to that civilization. The Chinese have the best trickle export generation potential.

Method Initial rate
TEAM Sumptuary Laws (card) 12 coin, food, wood, and 6 export and experience per minute
Sumptuary Laws (card) 18 coin, food, wood, and 9 export and experience per minute
Porcelain Tower 10.8 (Colonial), 15 (Fortress), 24 (Industrial), or 60 (Imperial) export per minute depending on the Age in which it is constructed.
Villagers 2.088/min per Villager gathering resources
Cree Coureur des bois 2.61/min per Cree Coureur des Bois gathering resources (limit 5 per Cree site)
Settler Wagon 4.176/min per Settler Wagon gathering resources (limit 2, requires Germans as an ally)
Note: TEAM Sumptuary Laws is roughly equivalent to 2.88 villagers gathering export, while the regular version of the card is equivalent to 4.32 villagers gathering the resource. This is before applying the bonuses to other resources. In regards to the experience aspect, the team card is equivalent to a 5% increase to the base passive trickle while the regular version is a 7.5% increase.

Home City Cards and export Edit

All cards that are related to export can be shipped from the Imperial Court, the third structure of the Home City. For more depth, see: Chinese Home City Cards, Japanese Home City Cards, and Indian Home City Cards.

Gallery Edit

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