Tea leaves, the symbol representing export in the game

Export is a fifth type of resource introduced Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. It is available to only Asian civilizations and used to purchase shipments from the Consulate.

Export is a powerful weapon when using one of the Asian civilizations as Consulate shipments arrive much faster than a Home City Card and can give them an upper hand if they are used properly.

Consulate and Export Edit

The rate of Export earned at the Consulate can be changed, however penalties will be received to other resource gathering depending on the export amount selected:

  • Gather Export and other resources normally
  • Gather Export 35% faster but gather other resources 5% slower
  • Gather Export 60% faster but gather other resources 10% slower

Some buildings and upgrades will increase the amount of export earned.

Home City Cards and Export Edit

All Cards that are related to Export can be shipped from the Imperial Court, the third structure of the Home City. For more depth, see: Chinese Home City Cards, Japanese Home City Cards and Indian Home City Cards.

Gallery Edit