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The Exploration Age (Discovery Age before the Definitive Edition) is the first Age in Age of Empires III.

The Exploration Age is characterized as the beginning of settlement in the "New World", exploration around the land, and the starting point of economics for European Settlers and Asian/Native American Villagers. It allows only a simple economy, including trade, but does not allow for military development under normal circumstances. Because of limited technologies and little (if not outright nonexistent) military strength during this Age, it is strongly recommended to advance to the Commerce Age as soon as possible.

Military development[]

While normally it is impossible to train military units in the Exploration Age, it is possible to acquire such units by freeing captive military units from Treasure Guardians, converting Treasure Guardians, or training pet animals. However, any army formed in that manner is very small at best, and it is usually reserved for the purposes of scouting, Treasure hunting, and harassing.

Available units and buildings[]