The Expanded Mod for Age of Mythology (originally known as AoM++, and as Improvement Mod) is a non-commercial and fan-based modification for Ensemble Studios' RTS game, Age of Mythology: The Titans.

The mod is headed and produced by one person, and aims to add additional units, technologies, buildings and other changes, as an unofficial expansion to Age of Mythology.

Background Edit

Work on Improvement Mod was started on in December 2013, when Steelion69 (also known as TheBronyKing11 and XLightningStormL, and on the Wikia as Morayus1) experienced issues with the AI from MasterFoozle's SPQR mod. Eventually within a couple of months Improvement Mod had a small issue of new technologies and units.

Eventually, in mid-late 2015 for the release of v1.2b, Improvement Mod was renamed to Expanded Mod, due to the "lack of improvements, and the focus on too much expansion" The latest version is V1.3, and a port of the v1.12c version exists for Extended Edition.

However, according to an earlier statement, there are plans for a v1.4 release, that will be exclusive to Tale of the Dragon and is set for a September 1 release.

Much of Improvement Mod's content is inspired by the early development version of Age of Mythology (including much cut content features), Age of Empires, Age of Empires: Online and Age of Empires II.

Units Edit

Improvement mod adds a large variety of units, boasting an impressive 105+ new RM units, with another 40+ Scenario Editor units. Units range from: Phalangites, Griffons, Generals, Arsonists, Medjay Agema and more.

There are also many new buildings as well, including the Shrine, University and Naval Shipyard to name a few.

Features Edit

  • All human units consume 1 population space.
  • Hundreds of new units and buildings, Over 100 playable in Random Maps, with another extra 30-60 for scenarios.
  • Several new Gaia units: Anchovy, Ram. Herring, Cypress Tree
  • Over 100 new technologies
  • 1 new Minor God: Sobek, added to add variety for Set. Another one, Nyx is planned for v1.4 as a minor goddess, exclusive for Hades.
  • Shrines return as a building concerning Heroes and religion-related technologies.
  • Ability to create herdables after researching herdable-related technologies.
  • Improved building hit points, more expensive and time-consuming to advance through the Ages, in order to expand games' length.
  • Homebrew balance changes based on information found on various Forums, the AoM Reddit and RTS Sanctuary. For example: more minor gods get unique technologies, all major gods get unique human units, etc.

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