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Enemy Islands is a special random map introduced in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms. The map is only available in team death matches.


The map basically features two identical oval shaped islands risen out of deep the surrounding ocean. Both islands feature a similar layout of resources and players must rely on team work from each other to successfully conquer and defeat their enemy's island. Be warned, taking over the enemy's island will be difficult during multiple player matches and will require long duration.

Players start out on their island with their teammates nestled not too far away from the island coast. The line of sight of their team members will also be visible. On the island, there are enough resources for each player to get the length of the game including a fair abundance of wood.

The terrain of the map has a similar theme to other maps introduced in the expansion. The majority of the island terrain features barren yellowish sandy soil lacking plants and not very suitable for farming. Closer to the coast, the soil changes to a reddish iron rich soil richer in nutrients and filled with grass on top.


Animals will be quiet scarce and players along with their teammates start out with a very small amount of 2-3 Goats nearby their Town Center. Smaller pairs of stray Goats will also be found foraging the brush further inland in the island. Groups of Zebras will also slightly farther away along with Ostriches. Disappointingly, Elephants are absent on both islands and Wild Boars take over their role of being the dangerous source of food. Fruit Bushes will also be present near the player's starting position where they can be gathered for food.

The large deep ocean enveloping the islands contains a dark navy blue color. The ocean is a very deep abyss even near the coast allowing only naval vessels to traverse through. Yet even in these abyssal waters will fish such as Perch thrive and allowing Fishing Ships to gather them; allowing a small but beneficial fishing economy.

Palm Trees will be very found in minuscule amounts of 1-2 nearby the Player's starting position. Not too far away, a giant grove of Jungle Trees will lie and provide enough wood. However, it will not be uncommon if team members hoard most of the Wood from their teammates land, this will often create conflict and disruption putting the whole team at a disadvantage.

Gold Mines and Stone Mines will be found sporadically throughout both islands. Sometimes they are found in bunches of 3-4 while other times they are singularly dotting the island. Regardless the case, they both provide enough gold and stone to get the match going.


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