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Enclosed Deck is a common technology in Age of Mythology. It is available at the Dock in the Classical Age and doubles the capacity of Transport Ships and Norse Longboats.


  • Transport Ship capacity increased from 10 to 20 units.
  • Atlantean Transport Ship capacity increased from 12 to 24 units.
  • Longboat capacity increased from 5 to 10 units.


The earliest boats were small and had no decks. Crew and cargo together occupied the space created by the hull. As ship sizes grew, they were improved with enclosed decks that created storage space within the hull we now call holds. Cargo, living quarters, and supplies could be stored below decks, away from the elements and out of the crew’s way. The crew operated the ship from the top deck, which remained open to the elements. Enclosed decks greatly improved the carrying capacity and productivity of ships.

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