Emperor of the West is the third scenario of the Alaric campaign in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten. The player is restricted to the Castle Age.

Players[edit | edit source]

Allies[edit | edit source]

None of the following players play an active role in the game.

  • Alaric (Goths) is merely a placeholder player possessing the player's starting units in the beginning of the game, to prevent the player from using them while the conversation is going on.
  • Civilians (Italians) has a port in the north being occupied by Athaulf's forces waiting for Alaric, another port in the east with mercenaries waiting to join Alaric, and three villages inland which the southeastern one is to be taken over by Alaric, and the southwestern one is occupied by Saurus' troops.
  • Ravenna (Italians), the then-capital of the Western Roman Empire, is located in the east, facing the Adriatic Sea. Alaric is set to meet the emperor here, yet the city is surrounded by Saurus' army and navy.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Saurus (Goths) is Alaric's rival, who would bring some troops to attack Alaric's troops before Alaric meets Athaulf's troops. His army and navy are 'protecting' Ravenna from Alaric until they get removed upon Alaric's arrival at the civilian village. He has a port in the south of Ravenna. His troops are occupying the western village, and has his military base in the west of this village. The player is to destroy his fortress in the base. His troops are mainly made up of Knights, Scorpions, Condottieri, Archers, Cavalry Archers etc.
  • Zhu Di(Chinese), Yakub (Persians) and Belisarius (Byzantines) are three players that each begin in the Dark Age with a Town Center, 3 Villagers, and a Scout Cavalry at a random location on the map. They are enemies to everyone and will usually be quickly defeated. This is likely a bug, and only appears in more recent versions of the game.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The player starts with Alaric and his troops in the west, heading towards the civilian port in the east to meet Athaulf's troops. On the way, while collecting a few Gaia soldiers, the player would also encounter an attack led by fellow Goth enemy Saurus (a Knight with Lance hero) with his army. While the smaller group that comes to attack Alaric's troops can be dealt easily, the larger group will remain stationery at a certain point of the main road, and the player shall avoid them by travelling into the forest sideway.

As the player collects more troops at the port, the player is to carry all the troops with Transport Ships provided at the port, accompanied with some War Galleys and Fire Ships, bringing Alaric to the port in the south of Ravenna. The player should avoid from Ravenna as far as possible, as the coastal line is heavily guarded by Saurus' navy which is impossible to be defeated. However, the player's ship(s) would still be hit by Saurus' Watch Towers on the sea, which can be avoided quickly. To the east, there are some Gaia mercenaries ready to join Alaric and quit their boring life.

The destination port is actually controlled by Saurus, and the player would have to defeat the troops there. As Alaric learns that the Roman emperor is not there, he would have to head to Ravenna and meet the emperor. However, as he reaches the gate (which is locked), there are Saurus' troops pursuing him. Alaric learns that the emperor has once again betrayed him. Then the player would have to bring Alaric to the civilian village westwards.

The Italian village would be taken over by the player, thus becomes the player's base. There are troops in the west of the village which would immediately start fighting Saurus' troops upon the takeover by the player. The player shall start building up troops, in preparation to defeat Saurus by destroying his fortress. Meanwhile, Saurus would invade the player's village again from the west, therefore the player shall build up defenses there.

Stone Mines are quite scarce in this scenario, only available within the player's village. While there are just a handful of Gold Mines in the village, the player can find plenty more in the northwest of the village, somewhere north of Saurus' fort, however the player should avoid from Saurus' large patrolling guards, if not ready to fight them. The player may also trade with Saurus' Market at his port, or build a Dock at Saurus' port and trade with the civilian dock across the sea. However, the player should destroy all military buildings, Markets and the dock at Saurus' port, to prevent him from creating an army or navy there.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The cyan computer player "Alaric" has a Battering Ram as a placeholder unit at the northern tip of the map.
  • In the original Forgotten Empires mod expansion, the player has an Archer as a placeholder unit who would garrison himself into the cyan ram mentioned above, in the beginning of the game.
  • Sometimes, when the player transports the troops by Transport Ship while avoiding the Ravenna, all enemy units suddenly disappear, which makes the player automatically win the scenario. It's probably a glitch (Forgotten Empires only).
  • The Gaia player in the Forgotten Empires is assigned as "Saracens" while in the official HD edition expansion The Forgotten it is "Goths". This results in the difference in appearance of the ship sails (Saracens (Middle Eastern) - scimitar; Goths (Central European) - cross).
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