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Elhrimnir Kettle is a Norse myth technology in Age of Mythology that is available to worshipers of Heimdall and can be researched at the Temple. Once researched, it upgrades Einherjars into the Giant-killer Einherjars, increasing their hit points and attack by +10% and +40%, respectively.


The first word of this technology should be Eldhrimnir, from the Old Norse words eld (fire) and hrimnir (sooty). Hence, the name is erroneous.


The Elhrimnir Kettle was used by the cook Andhrimnit ("Sooty face") to cook the boar, Saehrimnir, which was used to feed the hungry Einherjar in Valhalla every night. Odin himself abstained from eating.

"For meat, they all feast on the boar Saehrimnir for, although the boar is boiled every morning, he becomes whole again every night."

-- Gylfaginning 39'
—In-game help section
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