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El Dorado campaign

The campaign's image, complete with all missions' sites.

The El Dorado campaign in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten is depicting the quest of Francisco de Orellana in search of a rumoured golden city known as "El Dorado", the namesake of this campaign. The player is playing as Spanish for the first scenario, and play as Incas for the other three.

Francisco de Orellana is serving Gonzalo Pizarro, the governor of Quito. To embark on their journey in search of the legendary El Dorado, they recruited Spanish and natives in modern-day Ecuador for their cause, and went deep into Amazon rainforest. As they were running out of provisions, Orellana departed from Pizarro and continued his journey along the Amazon River, while seeking for food. Though the search for El Dorado ended up being a failure, Orellana had navigated and discovered the entire Amazon River, sailing into the Atlantic Ocean.

Scenarios Edit

The El Dorado campaign consists of 4 scenarios. The player plays as the Spanish or Incas, and the player color is blue.

  1. Tales of La Canela (Spanish)
  2. The Split (Incas)
  3. The Amazones (Incas)
  4. The Cannibals (Incas)
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