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This article is about the unit in the PC game. For the unit in the handheld video game, see Einherjar (Age of Empires: Mythologies).
"What manner of beasts are these?"
"Einherjars, the souls of the greatest warriors. We are doomed!"
Arkantos' first encounter with Einherjars in North.

The Einherjar is a Norse Classical Age myth unit available to those who worship Heimdall.

Special Ability[]

Horn blast: allied units within 10 range get +50% attack. Also deals minor damage to nearby enemies. Recharge time: 20 seconds.

Attack bonuses[]

  • Myth Units ×2
  • Heroes ×0.5

God Bonuses and Upgrades[]


  • ElhrimnirKettle.png Elhrimnir Kettle (Heimdall): upgrades Einherjar to Giant-killer Einherjar, increases hack attack by 40% and hit points by 10%.


Loki reduces favor cost by 10%.


Einherjars have an average attack compared to other myth units, though their high armor makes them hard to kill. Like some other myth units, they have a decent crush attack so can be used to destroy buildings. They come into their own when they are in a group, because their morale-boosting special ability becomes useful. If the group has several Einherjars, the attack boost can be sustained even longer. Loki players who worship Heimdall then Bragi can combine the Einherjar's morale boost with the Flaming Weapons god power to give nearby human soldiers a truly devastating attack.

Einherjars are very slow, so units that are outmatched can typically just run away. Their special attack is useless with no friendly units around and simply leaves them open to attack. As such they function best in formation with other units instead of fighting solo.


Scientific name -- Homo sapiens
Size -- about 7' tall
Diet -- copious amounts of human food, especially boar meat

The Einherjar were the dead heroes gathered by the Valkyries and taken to Asgard where they lived with Odin. The Valkyries culled only the best and most heroic warriors. While living in Asgard, the Einherjar feasted all night and battled all day, with any wounds being magically healed. Thus they prepared endlessly for the time when Odin called for them to fight with the gods at Ragnarok.


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