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Civilization Technology tree Strategy

This image depicts the Egyptian civilization flourishing during the Iron Age. Notice the distinct architecture found only in civilizations that are located West of Mesopotamia.

The Egyptian civilization is the default civilization chosen for the Tutorial Campaign: Ascent of Egypt. They possess good qualities that can buffer most sieges. Civilization bonuses are Chariots (HP +33%), Priests (+3 range), Gold mining (+20% gathering speed, +2 gold carry capacity), and Farming (Farms 20% cheaper).



The Egyptians are a good choice in Deathmatches since they are most powerful during the last two Ages, the Bronze and Iron Age. Their gold economy prior to the Iron Age is stable since their Villagers can collect and gather Gold 20% faster. However, to some players, this bonus is not as useful since they do not rely as much on gold compared to other civilizations.

With update 38862, Egyptian Farms are 20% cheaper, which is another major economic boost. With this bonus, an Egyptian player will be able to produce more food for less wood, making their economy more efficient. The extra wood left over can be used for constructing more buildings, building more Farms, or producing more military units. This new economic bonus, combined with the gold mining bonus, greatly improves the Egyptians' economic booming strategy, allowing them to race to the Bronze Age faster, where their powerful priests and chariots become available.


Egyptian Chariots and the Chariot Archers are the strongest of any civilization because they have +33% hitpoints. The only infantry they have is the Short Swordsmen which lacks an armor piercing ability. The Slinger can be upgraded through most Iron Age upgrades, but no Siegecraft and no extra shielding. The only siege weapon they can build are the Stone Throwers, and their Academy is nothing special either, with the usual Hoplite. However, the Egyptians make this up by their ability to train stronger chariots. The Egyptians can train almost all archery units at the Archery Range, and has access to all armor technologies. The Egyptian Navy doesn't have any bonuses, but it is fully upgradeable and can still be able to hold off most, if not all enemy invasions. The Egyptians can also build all towers and walls and all upgrades for them are also available. In religion, the Egyptians have Priests who have a long +3 range, which makes them the unit with more range (a total of 16 once the Afterlife upgrade is researched) and all of the Temple technologies are available.

If the computer controls this civilization, the Egyptians will usually train either Bowmen or Slingers in the Tool Age. Their Bronze Age army will consist of mainly Chariots or Chariot Archers, together with Priests (the Egyptian AI tends to produce more priests than any other AI-controlled civilization given the chance). Elephant Archers are generally added in the Iron Age. The computer's deathmatch strategy follows a similar pattern, with Scythe Chariots, Elephant Archers, and Priests making up the bulk of their forces. In The Rise of Rome, the computer no longer conscripts War Elephants, whose trample damage is replaced by the more mobile Scythe Chariot.


  • Have the strongest Chariot units in the game (With the Nobility upgrade their Chariot Archers have 106 HP and their Scythe Chariots have a total of 182 HP).
  • Good for both Deathmatch and Random Map modes.
  • Their priests can be fully upgraded and can convert enemy units further than any other civilization (With the Afterlife upgrade they will have a total of 16 range).


  • Cannot train Cavalry units besides Chariots (e.g. Cavalry line, etc...)
  • Weak infantry units (can only train Short Swordsmen and Hoplites with no pierce armor upgrades).
  • No Siege Weapon upgrades, which really hampers their offensive (can only build Stone Throwers).