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This article is about the revolutionary nation in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition. For other uses, see Egyptians.

Egypt is one of the revolutionary nations in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, available to the British and Ottomans.


Home City Cards[]

Purple: Shipment that can be sent an INFINITE number of times
Card Description
Egypt Home City (Flood of the Nile).png Flood of the Nile Each Mill and Estate spawns 100 food and 100 coin, respectively; Settlers gather from Berry Bushes, Mills, and Estates 10% faster; Settler train limit +4
Egypt Home City (Suez Canal).png Suez Canal Ships 3 Trading Post Wagons; Trade Route upgrades are free
Chile Home City (Revolutionaries).png 16 Revolutionaries & 1 Mameluke Ships 16 Revolutionaries; +1 Mameluke
Mexico Home City (Fort Wagon).png 1 Fort Wagon & 1 Mameluke Ships 1 Fort Wagon; +1 Mameluke
Mexico Home City (Citizenship).png Citizens & 1 Mameluke Ships 6 Citizens (Settlers) and allows them to be trained at the Town Center for 70 coin, and allows Fishing Boats to be trained at the Dock; +1 Mameluke
Egypt Home City (Egyptian Fleet).png Egyptian Fleet & 1 Privateer Ships 1 Frigate, 1 Monitor, and 1 Privateer
Romania Home City (Horse artillery).png 2 Horse Artillery Ships 2 Horse Artillery
Egypt Home City (Egyptian Army Reform).png Egyptian Army Reform Nizam Fusiliers can be trained at Forts; Receives 3 Nizam Fusiliers instead of 1 Mameluke in every Home City shipment, including this one
Egypt Home City (Stradiots).png 5 Stradiots & 1 Mameluke Ships 5 Stradiots; +1 Mameluke
Egypt Home City (Hire Gatling Camels).png Hire Gatling Camels Ships 9 Gatling Camels; +1 Mameluke
Egypt Home City (Hire Askaris).png Hire Askaris Ships 11 Askaris; +1 Mameluke
Egypt Home City (Hire Sennar Horsemen).png Hire Sennar Horsemen Ships 5 Sennar Horsemen; +1 Mameluke
Egypt Home City (15 Sudanese Alllies).png 15 Sudanese Alllies Ships 15 Sudanese Dervishes; +1 Mameluke


Definitive Edition[]

  • With update 5208, the "Egyptian Army Reform", "Flood of the Nile", "Suez Canal", and "2 Horse Artillery" cards were added.

The African Royals[]

  • With update 43871, the "Hire Gatling Camels", "Hire Askaris", "Hire Sennar Horsemen", and "15 Sudanese Allies" cards were added.
  • Although it is not listed in the patch notes, with update 43871, the icons of the "Flood of the Nile" and "Suez Canal" cards have been changed.


  • Egypt's flag is based on the Egyptian flag during the reign of Isma'il and Tewfik Pasha (1867–1881).
  • Egypt's availability to both the British and the Ottomans reflect the fact that Egypt was part of the Ottoman Empire from 1577 to 1882, and then become a British protectorate until 1922.