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This article is about the scenario in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. For other uses, see Early Economy.

Your objective in this challenge is simple. Train 12 Villagers and gather enough food to advance to the next age.
—First words spoken in the scenario.

Early Economy is the first scenario of The Art of War in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition. This scenario acts as a tutorial in teaching the player how to properly collect and manage food gathered from animals.

Video Instruction[]

Herding and Gathering

Food is used to train units and research technologies. You start the game with a few resource crates containing food - which your Villagers can collect.

This early food is used to train additional Villagers from the Town Center. It is important to always keep training new Villagers in order to improve your economy.

Herds of huntable animals roam the map. They are a fast source of food, but hunting them may expose your Villagers to danger.

These herds will run away from hunters. Use this to your advantage! If the hunters attack the animals in the direction of your settlement, the herd will run closer to your Town Center, where you can gather from it safely and newly trained Settlers will not have to walk so far.

Once you have trained enough Villagers and have 800 food., advance to the Commerce Age at your Town Center. Advancing to new ages will unlock new units, buildings and technologies.

Before we explore what the Commerce Age has in store for us, let us see how well you can manage your early economy.

Scenario instructions[]

Primary objectives[]

  • Train 12 Villagers.
  • Gather 800 Food.


Gold: Complete the scenario in 3 minutes and 30 seconds.
Silver: Complete the scenario in 4 minutes.
Bronze: Complete the scenario in 5 minutes.


Since collecting food and training more and more Villagers is the only goal of the scenario, no other resources need to be collected. The main strategies are all provided by the voice-over in the scenario itself: making sure that Villagers attack animals in a specific direction so they run as close to the Town Center as possible before killing and hunting them, so that newly trained Villagers don't have to walk as far; exploring the map and finding out the location of the enemy Outposts and making sure the Villagers chase animals out of their line of fire, as not to hunt animals within it.