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This article is about the god power in the handheld video game. For the god power in the PC game, see Dwarven Mine.
Dwarven Mine AoEM

Dwarven Mine

From deep below, the dark elves rise to provide for the servants of Thor. They have served me, and their mine will provide for you.
—Thor upon casting Dwarven Mine

Dwarven Mine is a Norse god power in Age of Empires: Mythologies available to worshipers of Thor. It creates a mine on a tile of the player's choice to generate additional gold.


Dwarven Mine is similar to Hephaestus's Plenty god power except that it only generates gold. It can however be placed on any tile within the player's Line of Sight so it does not have to occupy a tile near the Town Center that could otherwise be used to construct a building. Dwarven Mine should still be cast as close as possible to the player's town for protection as it can be destroyed by enemies. As a rule of thumb, players should first purchase a research from the Shrine as soon as it is built, which will be needed to advance to Age II, then cast Dwarven Mine. Casting a god power first will prevent the Shrine from doing anything else until the player's next turn.


  • Type: Building
  • Defense: 30
  • HP: 125

Income rate[]

Unlike in Age of Mythology, Dwarven Mine will always generate the same amount of gold per turn, so there is no need to save it for later Ages.

  • Age I to IV: 100 gold

God bonuses and upgrades[]

Skadi increases HP by 10%.
Forseti increases defense by 5% and HP by 10%.
Heimdall increases defense by 5% and HP by 20%.
Baldr increases defense by 5%.

  • Dwarven Efficiency (Thor): Generates 20% more gold.
  • Dwarven Craftsmanship (Thor): Increases HP by 10%.


  • Dwarven Mine shares the same stats, including income rate, as a Greek Mine.