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John II of Alençon (March 2, 1409 - September 8, 1476), known in Age of Empires II as Duke D'Alençon, was a French duke and general during the later phase of the Hundred Years' War. He was a close friend and supporter of Joan of Arc, appearing as a cavalry hero in the scenario The Maid of Orleans. He is also available in the Scenario Editor. As a hero, he cannot be converted and can regenerate health.

Duke D’Alençon has the appearance similar to a Knight with a lance, similar to several other hero units. Like other cavalry, the Duke is affected by all upgrades that affect cavalry as well as any other bonuses that affect them.


  • D'Alençon was nicknamed "The Good Duke".
  • His father, John I, was killed by English longbowmen at Agincourt.
  • Though his unit is playable in The Maid of Orleans, he was actually not involved in the Siege of Orleans but on the later Loire Campaign, where he commanded the French troops at the battles of Jargeau, Meung-sur-Loire, and Beaugency. He also fought at the Siege of Paris.
  • Yet, D'Alençon opposed Charles VII's military reforms that created a standing French army, supported the nobles' rebellion of 1440 known as the Praguerie, and entered into negotiations with the English. Because of this, he was dispossesed of his lands and title in 1474.
  • D'Alençon was a witness in the 1456 retrial of Joan of Arc that found her innocent.
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