The Duck is a huntable animal in Age of Mythology and a decorative, non-interactive bird in Age of Empires III.

Age of Mythology Edit


The Duck is introduced in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon as an animal that can be killed for food. Like Chickens, Ducks have few hitpoints and no attack, so they are a safe method to gather food, and faster than Berry Bushes.

They are native on Chinese maps. Fu Xi provides the Domestication myth technology, which among other effects, increases gather rates for Chickens and Ducks.

History Edit

"Scientific name -- Anas platyrhynchos
Size -- 1.6–3.5 lbs.
Diet -- seeds and insects

Mallards inhabit the largest parts of Europe and Asia, as well as North Africa and North America. They are common in lakes, ponds as well as forest trenches. Since the earliest of times, they have been hunted for food.
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Age of Empires III Edit

Ducks, also based on (male) Mallards, are present in Age of Empires III in two forms: as a separate individual (called Duck), and as a Duck flock (which, like other flocks in the game, constitutes a single unit). Neither can be hunted or interacted with by the player, and serve only as decoration.

The individual Duck is unfinished and is only accessible in the Scenario Editor, where it is not included in the "Unit" or "Nature" lists, but rather as a Native American village embellishment (yet doesn't appear as such in either campaigns or random maps). The Duck has no animation, no icon, no health points, and can only be placed on land despite seemingly depicting a swimming duck.

The Duck flock appears flying over some North American maps. Flocks can be selected and commanded in the Editor. They have 20 HP and the same icon as the Eagle.

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