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Dryads are an Atlantean myth unit in Age of Mythology that can be created from the Hesperides god power, available in the Heroic Age by worshipping Theia.

God Bonuses and Upgrades[]


Additionally, any player who has captured a Hesperides Tree can upgrade their Dryads with the following.

Kronos reduces Gold cost by 10%


Dryads are fairly effective melee fighters and are strong against human units. However, in comparison to other Myth Units, they have fairly low statistics, so will not last long in combat against them. As with all Myth Units, they are weak against Heroes.

They are generally used defensively, as the structure they are created from can be captured by the enemy. They do not cost any population or Favor, though only five can be created at a time.


The Titans[]

  • The Dryad has 99% crush armor.

Tale of the Dragon[]

  • With patch 2.7, the Dryad has 80% crush armor.


Scientific name -- Nymphae dasos
Size -- Human-sized
Diet -- Water, sunlight

These shy, beautiful tree nymphs were the caretakers and guardians of wild groves and forests. Normally peaceful they could become quite fierce when their trees were threatened. The satyrs courted, protected and entertained the Dryads.


  • Although their in-game Mythology section states they are human-sized, they in fact appear much taller than human soldiers.
  • Even though Dryads are classified as myth units, they won't show up in the post-game as the player's favorite myth unit if they were the most trained myth unit by a player.
  • Dryads are the only trainable myth unit that do not cost any Favor.


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