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The Dormition Cathedral is an unconstructable building in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. The Dormition Cathedral has exactly the same stats and appearance as a Wonder. It is available in the Scenario Editor and some campaign scenarios like Ivaylo's An Unlikely Alliance.


  • Since the Definitive Edition changed the Britons' Wonder from the Aachen Cathedral of the original version to the more accurate Chichester Cathedral, it could be presumed that the Dormition Cathedral (completed 1479) was also created as a replacement Wonder for the Slavs - whose current Wonder, Kizhi Pogost (completed 1714) is anachronistic for Age of Empires II's mostly Medieval setting - but that this change did not happen in the end.
  • Previously the Dormition Cathedral was a basis for the new Monastery sprite in the fan-made "Russian mod", which replaces the Aztecs and Mayans with Russian and Ukrainian factions sharing a building style. This style was reused by the Slavs in the "Forgotten Empires" mod that preceded the development of Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten.