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This article is about the untrainable trade unit in Age of Empires II. For the trade unit in Age of Mythology, see Donkey Caravan.

The Donkey is an untrainable unit in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten available in the Scenario Editor. Donkeys can be used to gain gold by traveling to another player's Market and back, just like a regular Trade Cart. Compared to the standard Trade Cart, they move much slower, but they carry more gold than listed at the respective Market. Their speed can be improved by researching Caravan.


  • The word "Donkey" is first attested in English, as slang, in 1785. Proposed origins range from a lost rhyme about a donkey and a monkey, to an adaptation of the name Duncan, or an evolution of the Middle English Donekie, meaning a miniature dun horse. The Medieval word for Donkey was "Ass".
  • Other donkeys in the game include the Spanish Missionary's mount and the donkey powering the Dark Age Mill (and also the other ages' versions in the African building set in the HD version).
  • The Donkey exists in the alpha version of The Age Of Kings, but is replaced with a cart.