This article is about the unit in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs . For the native unit, see Lakota Dog Soldier.
The Dog Soldier is a unique cavalry unit of the Sioux nation in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs. They can be sent from the Home City, spawned at the Fire Pit, or obtained via the Town Center's Big Button improvement. Along with the Cuirassier they are the third strongest melee cavalry unit or second best should Dog Soldiers gain all cavalry improvement cards from the home city along with the Onikare card that gives Dog Soldiers 2.5 bonus against all infantry. It is also the strongest Native American cavalry unit.

Overview Edit

The Dog Soldiers are one of the strongest cavalry in the game. They have great hit points, excellent speed and good attack (though slightly lower than some other heavy cavalry) and function like a lancer. Dog Soldiers are good against infantry units and as a cavalry it is also good against archers and artillery. They are also free of cost, and realizable either at the Fire Pit by doing the War Song Dance, by the Sioux's Town Center's Big Button improvement or via the Tribal Council. Because of the large number of villagers needed to produce Dog Soldiers at the fire pit, Dog Soldiers are very difficult to make in large quantities. But the Sioux don't need any Houses since they already have a two hundred population cap from the beginning which makes massing easier, plus they also become improved for free as a player advances in ages. All of these things put together make the Dog Soldier one of the strongest and most effective cavalry units available in the game.

There are no specific ameliorations that can be made to improve the hit points and attack of Dog Soldiers, though advancement through each Age will improve the statistics of Dog Soldiers. Any improvement which improves any non-specific cavalry unit will also affect the Dog Soldiers.

The Riding School Home City Card and Cheyenne Horse Trading technology do not decrease the training time of dog soldiers, but the 10% cavalry training treasure on certain Asian maps will reduce the training time from 20 seconds to 18 seconds with 25 villagers dancing.

Upgrades Edit

Dog Soldiers auto-upgrade on advance through the Ages.

Elite Dog Soldier
Hit Points: 687
Melee Attack: 35
Siege Attack: 37
Champion Dog Soldier
Hit Points: 825
Melee Attack: 42
Siege Attack: 45
Legendary Dog Soldier
Hit Points: 1100
Melee Attack: 56
Siege Attack: 60

History Edit

"Dog Soldiers were an elite warrior society of the Cheyenne tribe that sometimes allied with the Lakota. They wore long sashes that dragged the ground, and carried sacred arrows that they would stab through the sash into the ground to show that they were ready to fight and die where they stood. They had a special song that they would sing when faced with death that only Dog Soldiers were allowed to sing. They were the fiercest warriors of the Cheyenne."

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