The Destroyer is a counter-building infantry unit available to the Atlanteans in the Heroic Age.

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With their high Pierce Armor and good Hack Armor, Destroyers can make their way through whatever units are in their way, to seek out and destroy fortifications with ease. They are an important unit for the Atlanteans in the Heroic Age as they are the only siege unit available unless the player has worshiped Rheia.

In addition to their ability to destroy buildings they can defeat archers easily due to their high pierce armor and can hold their own against cavalry. Their main flaw is they are slow, moving at about the same speed of most Siege units. Also most infantry units can defeat them and they are somewhat expensive.

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"The Destroyer is a slow, powerful unit who excels at destroying buildings. The Destroyer is weak against units that can attack from range or out run its methodical march.

Armies attacking Atlantean colonies found their inhabitants far from defenseless - most notably the trident-wielding shore fishermen. These fishermen organized to defend Atlantis's far flung colonies. In later years they became an elite unit of Royal Guard - the Destroyers. The Destroyers have a long standing rivalry with the main line of Atlantean infantry - the Murmillo - over who has better served Atlantis.

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  • The Destroyer is based primarily on the historical Roman Legionairies, but also draws influence from the Retiarius, a type of gladiator armed with a trident.
    • This is also hinted from the history description: the rivalry between Murmillos and Destroyers is a reference to the fact Retiarii were pitted against a Secutor, a gladiator that was armed similarly to the Murmillo gladiator.
  • The Destroyer's internal name is trident soldier atlantean or trident soldier atlantean hero for the hero version.
  • The Destroyer's helmet heavily resembles both the British military pith helmet, and Enlightenment Age army Mitre helmet. Whether this was done as a subtle hint to Age of Empires III or a reference to the British Empire (and by extension the Atlanteans implied imperialism) is unknown.

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