The floods provide, and the floods take away. Feel my rage, enemies of Egypt! The waters rise against you!
Sobek upon casting Deluge

Deluge is an Egyptian god power in Age of Empires: Mythologies available to worshipers of Sobek. It causes waves to sweep the battlefield, damaging all enemy units.

Strategy Edit

On the turn it is cast, Sobek causes the waters to overflow and damage all enemy units across the map. If used at the beginning of the players turn, it enables them to follow up with an attack against a weakened enemy army blocking their path. This makes it more likely for their units to kill their targets, thus take no counterattack damage. Sobek's other bonuses are more useful in the early game and this god power can be used early as well while enemy units have yet to benefit from as many researches. Until age III, most civilizations are unable to train Priests to heal their units, leaving few options for the enemy to recover from such a blow. It should also be worth noting that Deluge will instantly kill any enemy unit in training while their HP is still at 25%, enabling the playing to strike the buildings they are produced from without wasting an attack move.

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Trivia Edit

  • Deluge has no Age of Mythology counterpart, although the premise is similar to Great Flood.
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