Francisco Juan Delgado de León was a Spanish conquistador and a foe of Morgan Black in Age of Empires III.

Biography Edit

"Francisco Juan Delgado de Leon was second in command on an expedition to Yucatan from Cuba under Pedro de Alvarado. His successes under Alvarado earned him royal permission to participate in the conquest of the Aztec. He received a ship, a complement of rodeleros, crossbowmen, and the goal of plundering the New World for personal and political gain."
In-game history section

Delgado went on to search for the fabled Fountain of Youth to claim it for his nation. His army fought an Aztec city for its control, but was stopped by Black and the Knights of St. John and even countered by them and lost a fort nearby that city. The Conquistador captured the Ottoman leader Sahin, who attempted to force him to reveal the Fountain's location, but failed. Delgado's final loss was the destruction of his colony and the capture of six treasure fleets at the hands of Black's troops, forcing him to halt his search.

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In-game unit Edit

"Greedy Spanish conquistador."
In-game description

Delgado fights with his sword much like a Rodelero, and does a whopping 500 melee damage, allowing him to make short work of most units and weaker buildings due to his 200 siege damage. Surprisingly, he only has a 10% resistance against melee attacks.

Delgado has many hit points, but if he falls, he dies. He can collect Treasures, but unlike Explorers, cannot build Trading Posts and Town Centers, and has no special abilities.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the tooltip saying he fights with a rifle and sword, Delgado has no ranged attack at all.

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