Deconstruction is an Atlantean Archaic Age god power in Age of Mythology: The Titans that is available to worshipers of Kronos. When cast, it undoes the construction of an enemy building, therefore removing or destroying it. However, the resources used for the target structures construction are returned to the target's owner.

Deconstruction can be cast three times in a game, but has a cooldown of four minutes.

Strategy Edit

Deconstruction can be used on any building, with the exception of Town Centers, Wonders, and Titan Gates. It is a useful tool for eradicating some powerful key structures, like Strongholds, Temples, or production buildings from an enemy town. Deconstructing structures that are vital for aging up (such as the Temple) could give the player time to overcome their opponent and make a rush. If Deconstruction is used on a Dock, players should make sure the Dock is not already poorly placed. If it is cast on a Dock that is far from fish shoals close to the shore, it may only allow the enemy to rebuild it on a more favorable location.

Changelog Edit

The Titans Edit

  • Deconstruction can be cast two times and has a cooldown of 240 seconds.

Extended Edition Edit

  • With patch 2.7, Deconstruction can be cast three times and has a cooldown of 270 seconds.

Trivia Edit

  • Whenever Deconstruction is used against the player, they will be notified the same way as if the building was attacked.

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