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All players start with huge stockpiles of wood, food, gold, and stone and then fight to the death.
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Deathmatch or Death Match is a common game type that starts all of the players with a large quantity of resources.

Age of Empires[]

In Age of Empires, Deathmatch (DM) is a game type where all players start with 20,000 food, 20,000 wood, 10,000 gold, 5,000 stone. It is mostly played with Post-Iron Age start setting. The high resources allow the player to quickly expand the empire, with a strong army and workforce. Epic battles will take place and the winner is usually the one who can, despite the high starting resources, create a grand sustainable economy while overwhelming the opponent with hordes of warriors.

Age of Empires II[]


In Death Matches, military production is more important than economy early on

Like the first game, Deathmatches in Age of Empires II have all players start with 20,000 food, 20,000 wood, 10,000 gold, 5,000 stone. The default starting Age is the Dark Age prior to Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. The Definitive Edition sets the default to the Post-Imperial Age (note that most Deathmatch games were played in the Post-Imperial Age even before the Definitive Edition). Additionally, the Definitive Edition allows setting the starting resources to that of a deathmatch start on any game mode with the "Ultra-High" setting. The large amounts of starting resources allow for a big army to be trained right away. Producing those military units quickly is key to winning a game. Often, the first fights are decisive. Building up an economy becomes relevant only when the match is not over before the initial resources start to run out.

For Death Match games, there is a separate ranking in online play.

Age of Mythology[]

In Age of Mythology, all players start with 15,000 food, 15,000 wood, 15,000 gold, as well as 100 favor (200 for Zeus players). It is highly recommended to advance quickly, create sizable defenses and armies, and attack with superior forces. Also, as players begin with complete favor, it might be a good idea to train sizable amounts of myth units in the early game to overwhelm unprepared foes. In addition, all players are given a slow favor trickle, to promote mass production of myth units.

Technologies are also given for free automatically on Age advance, in order to push for the offensive focus of Deathmatch games. Age advance is almost instantaneous after selecting a minor god. It is also worth noting that Omniscience is disabled.

Unlike other game modes, god powers cannot be immediately used, as all god powers will have a countdown at the start of the game, or after each Age advance, for god powers granted by the major gods and minor gods, respectively.

Age of Empires III[]

In Age of Empires III, all players start with 20,000 food, 20,000 wood, 20,000 coin. Like in the previous installments, it is advised to advance and field large armies quickly to prevent being overrun by the enemy. Deathmatch games can be played on any setting, although players are restricted to the Industrial Age and cannot advance to the Imperial Age (unless the player sets it at Imperial/Post-Imperial Age).

Deathmatch can only be played with Classic rules, i.e. no Treaty period and no possible Trade Monopoly. The map will be revealed at the start of a deathmatch game (no black areas on the map, but the fog of war still in effect).

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