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Danzhu is the main antagonist in the Tale of the Dragon campaign in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon.


Danzhu can regenerate 1.5 HP per second. Danzhu cannot be killed: if his HP reaches 1, he merely faints and can be resuscitated if approached by allied units.

Bonuses and Upgrades[]



Mysterious forces have upset the balance of Yin and Yang, and Emperor Yao's subjects are being harmed by natural disasters (such as floods and volcanic eruptions) and monsters. To investigate these disturbances, the Emperor sent his finest general, Jiao-Long and his son, prince Danzhu, to investigate and resolve the chaos.

After being briefed by his father, Danzhu parts ways with Jiao-Long and seeks out the monk Zhi to summon the Earth Dragon Dilong for him. His plan is foiled when Jiao-Long and Shun find and convince Zhi to summon Dilong for them instead. Frustrated, Danzhu decides to attack Jiao-Long and Shun with his army of 200 men, but Jiao-Long's forces are too strong for Danzhu's army and he retreats.

After Jiao-Long, Shun and Zhi help the Vermilion Bird, Danzhu spies on them and prepares for another attack, but again, his army is no match for Jiao-Long's forces. After Jiao-Long summons Pangu, Danzhu congratulates Jiao-Long as if he hadn't tried to kill him. Jiao-Long replies with "Your actions have spoken more than your words ever could. Do not expect a favorable report when I return you to the Emperor."


Age -- 26
Homeland -- China
Occupation -- Heir to the Emperor

Born as the rightful heir and successor to the legendary Emperor Yao, Danzhu was very much unlike his father. Vicious, wasteful, and spoiled, Danzhu was slowly deemed more and more unfit to the throne. Despite the bleak prospects, Yao persevered in trying to prepare his son and give him a chance to prove his worth by sending him on various expeditions. However, Danzhu merely sought to take advantage of these expeditions for his own benefit.
—In-game mythology section