The Dacoit is an Indian mercenary unit featured in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties.

Overview Edit

It is quick and effective as a short-ranged infantry unit, with a good ranged attack and a decent melee attack. They are like the Musketeer in that they can easily kill cavalry and are well-rounded. They are like the Native Asian version of the Pistolero.

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Fugitive Dacoit Edit

The Fugitive Dacoit is a treasure guardian version of the Dacoit. They yield more hit points and speed as well as deal the same ranged attack as a Dacoit. However, Fugitive Dacoit lack the melee multiplier against Cavalry and Light infantry. They can be found in maps such as Indochina, Himalayas, and Borneo.

History Edit

"The Maratha were the influential power behind an empire that covered a large region of India in the late-seventeenth and eighteenth centuries CE. The Maratha aided in bringing about the fall of the powerful Mughal Empire, and later became fierce rivals of the British occupation of India. By the middle of the eighteenth century, their empire, under the ruler Sivaji, extended the kingdom’s reach south through the vast Deccan plateau and onto the Indian peninsula. The British Empire was able to greatly reduce the great empire’s influence, subduing it completely by 1818.

Today, Maratha refers to a member of the Western Indian Marathi-speaking people known for their devotion to Hinduism and their skill as warriors. They are named for their homeland of Maharashtra.

A dacoit is a bandit, or a devotee of the professions of robbery and extortion. The word “dacoit” is an anglicized version of the Hindi word “dakaethee,” meaning a local robber or thief.

Since the fourteenth century, dacoits held a position of prominence in rural Indian life. The most powerful became local warlords, holding great influence over local officials and politicians. They made money through ransoms and robberies, and by protecting members of their own castes against wandering bandits and rival dacoit. As payment, the villagers often sheltered the dacoit from the law.

Trivia Edit

  • They have no association with the Marathan Catamaran unit (which is an entirely separate unit despite the fact Dacoit appear to steer those vessels).
  • Although the Dacoit wields a sword in the icon, they only use a pistol just like the Pistolero

In-game dialogue language (Hindi) Edit

The Dacoit's dialogue is shared by the Thuggee, Mahout Lancer, and Marathan Catamaran.

  • ādeś (आदेश) - Command
  • taiyār (तैयार) - Ready
  • hāan (हा) - Yes
  • main jā rahā hūṃ (मैं जा रहा हूँ) - I am going
  • maiṃ karuṃga (मैं करूँगा) - I will do it
  • hamlā! (हमला) - attack!
  • yuddh karne ke liye (युद्ध करने के लिए) - To do battle

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