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You have advanced to the Heroic Age through the Wealth of Dabo Gong.
—Age up text in Age of Mythology

Dabo Gong is a Heroic Age Chinese minor god in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. He is available to worshipers of Fu Xi and Nü Wa.


God Power[]

  • ImperialExaminationIcon.png Imperial Examination: Temporarily speeds up the construction of buildings, as well as decreasing unit train times and technology research times.


Myth Unit[]

  • PixiuIcon.png Pixiu: Winged lion that generates a little gold while in melee combat.


Dabo Gong grants access to the Pixiu, a relatively strong Myth Unit that generates gold while fighting. Though it isn't much (1.5 gold/second), when carefully used it can be more than enough to make up for its cost of 250 gold after 167 seconds of combat. When using Pixiu specifically for their gold generation bonus, one might consider using them with Monks to keep them at full HP.

His technologies mainly focus on resource accumulation. House Altars speeds up the resource generation of gardens by a notable amount, whereas Landlord Spirit decreases the training time of Peasants.

In addition to economic technologies, Dabo Gong provides Burials, a technology which decreases the minimum amount of time needed for conversion, significantly increasing the reliability of Monks in combat.

Lastly, his God Power, Imperial Examination, speeds up construction and training rates. It can be used defensively to quickly build an army during an enemy raid, economically to recover from an attack, or even offensively to quickly construct a forward base.


Dabo Gong is also known as Tu Di Gong, and is the god of soil and land. He is traditionally venerated as a part of burial rituals, and his reputation for granting blessings has earned him the formal name of Fudegong, the lord of blessing and virtue.

It was once thought by the other gods that Dabo Gong was too free with his gifts and blessings upon the mortals, and they complained to the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor decided that the best solution would be to give him a wife who could look over his shoulder and make sure that he was dispersing gifts judiciously. So he found a girl who had been wrongfully accused of a crime and took her to heaven to become Tu Di Po, the wife of Dabo Gong who carefully restrains him from being too generous with his blessings.


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