Cyprus is a scenario in the Battles of the Forgotten campaign in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten. It depicts Richard the Lionheart's occupation of Sicily and his conquest of Cyprus prior to his arrival in the Holy Land for the Third Crusade.

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  • English Army (Britons) is basically a placeholding player which would take over the player's units whenever the player is not allowed to use them. They have a horse in the northwest serving as their placeholder unit. They will also take over Tancred's Transport Ships in Messina while the player is preparing the troops for the Crusade.
  • Philip Augustus (Franks) himself is at Tancred's castle to have a meeting with Tancred and Richard, while having his army outside Messina which serve no purpose in this game.
  • Tancred I of Sicily (Italians) has his city in the western part of the map. They serve no purpose but it may be useful for the player to trade with their Market while preparing the Crusade troops in Messina.

Ally → enemy → ally Edit

  • Issac Komnenos (Byzantines) and his army are in Nicosia, which is located at the northern tip of the map. They do not actively attack the player unless provoked. They are well-defended with up to 64 military units with double Fortified Walls with towers (similar to Constantinople in The Walls of Constantinople) and castles. Their forces are made up of Cataphracts, Monks, Onagers, Arbalests, Cavaliers, Hussars, etc. They will turn against the player when Richard turned down Isaac's request to leave Limassol, and will become 'allies' with the player again once Isaac is captured.
  • Messina (Italians) is located in the south of the map. They will turn against the player after Richard has met Tancred and Philip, and passes by the farms owned by Messina outside Tancred's city. When under siege by the player, they will defend with Knights, Genoese Crossbowmen, Skirmishers, etc. Once the player destroys all their five warehouses (Trade Workshops), they will surrender and become allies with the player again while giving the player most of their buildings. These buildings are returned to Messina once the player embarks on the Crusade.

Allies → enemies Edit

  • Cyprus (Byzantines) is in the northeastern side of the map, having their base outside Nicosia. Once they become an enemy of the player (after Richard turns down Isaac's request to leave), they would actively attack the player, mainly with Cataphracts, Skirmishers, and sometimes Rams and Trebuchets.
  • Limassol (Byzantines) is located in the northeast of the map, and would turn against the player once Richard learned that Joan was captured by Isaac. They would resist the player with Cataphracts, Pikemen, Skirmishers, Fire Ships and War Galleys. Simply placing Richard next to their two Castles (one in the south near the shore, another in the north behind gates) would take over the Castles and force Limassol to surrender by giving up everything to the player.

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In this scenario, Richard the Lionheart must survive. As the player would need to take control of Messina and later Limassol, the player must remember that the more the player destroys, the less the player will be able to use later, therefore the player must not unnecessarily destroy anything.

The player starts with some troops in Transport Ships, and must land them in Sicily, south of where the player starts. Then the player must bring Richard to meet the two kings, Tancred I of Sicily and Philip Augustus, at Tancred's castle in the west. Richard will demand for the release of his sister, Joan of England, who was under Tancred's captive. Once Tancred released Joan, the player must bring both Richard and Joan back to the camp outside Messina, west of it. Joan must also survive until the player embarks for the Crusade later.

Then the people of Messina, fed up of "feeding foreign troops", would revolt and turn against the player. The player must destroy the five "warehouses" (actually Trade Workshops) in Messina - two near the Town Center and three in the south, in order to suppress the rebellion. The player should not destroy any other buildings because the player will need them later. Once all the warehouses are destroyed, Messina will surrender and give the player all the buildings except Docks and the town center, as well as paying tributes for the player.

Joan's wealth on a Trade Cart, which is technically the renamed "Emperor in a Barrel", would spawn at Philip's camp, and the player must get Richard, Joan, and this cart, to the port (marked with a flag) so that they will board on transport ships. The player should start building troops for the Crusade by using the available resources. The player can only bring 50 units in total, including Richard and Joan, as there are only 5 transport ships available, and each of them can only carry 10 units. Since the player does not possess any villagers at this moment, the only way to gain resource would be creating Trade Carts to trade with Tancred's Market for gold and trade resources at the player's own markets. Do all useful or necessary researches if the player still have resources.

Of the five Transport Ships, two are near the flag and three a bit south of them. Of those two northern ones, the one where the princess and the cart will board is the one closer to land. The King will enter the other. Note that it seems to be impossible to unload units from the King's ship, probably because it is a bit too far away from land, the player should save their game before boarding. The other ships are unloadable without any issue in case the player wants to change anything. The vessel with the princess and the cart will be the one that the player cannot take hold of without triggering events, so be careful what units are put in there: Any military units in this ship will be in jail in Limassol, except Monks, they will stay at the shore near the ship.

Once the player's troops board the ships, they will start their journey with a fleet of navy, and all buildings are returned to Messina. Later a storm would disperse the English fleet, so the player must begin searching for the dispersed ships with Richard's transport ship. If the player manages to find either a War Galley or a Galleon, the player should utilize its extensive line-of-sight to continue the search. Once the player discovers an empty transport ship at Limassol, the player will learn that Joan has been captured by the ruler of Cyprus, Isaac Komnenos, and the player must begin invading Limassol.

With good micromanagement, invading Limassol is fairly easy without destroying buildings and capture them all later. All the player needs to do is to capture the two castles by placing Richard beside them one-by-one. Even though the player may use the three Demolition Ships to destroy the three Watch Towers at the port, the player may opt not to do so by quickly unloading Richard and move away the transport ship quickly. But the player must first deal with Limassol's war Galleys with Fire Ships. Richard shall quickly avoid from any enemy troops and rush to the nearest castle, in the western part of Limassol. Or else the player may opt to unload a few soldiers to protect Richard and handle the enemy forces. Then quickly rush Richard to another castle in the northern part of Limassol, which is surrounded by gates. Simply attacking the gate and lure out enemy soldiers before rushing though the opened gate would do. Once the player captured both of the castles, the player will take over everything that belongs to Limassol - both buildings and units, and also free his captured units from the princess' ship. Isaac will demand Richard to leave Limassol, which Richard refuses, therefore both Isaac Komnenos and Cyprus turn against the player.

Cyprus will keep invading Limassol, and the player would need to build more towers, preferably having the Guard Tower or Keep upgrade. The player must bear in mind that units and buildings being taken over from another player, for this case, "Limassol", do not enjoy any of the player's upgrades, and the castles and watch towers inherited from the player "Limassol" do not even have the Murder Holes upgrade. While the player can find lots of resources outside Limassol, the player must have some means to protect the villagers, which the official guide advices to build town centers. Building towers and Fortified Walls would surely add to the advantage.

While dealing with Cyprus merely needs a good defense with units standby to deal with siege weapons, capturing Isaac Komnenos would require tearing down his extremely strong defense in Nicosia. The player not only needs to deal with his castles, but also Cataphracts, Monks, and Onagers as the greatest threats. Once the player destroyed the castle at the northern corner, Isaac Komnenos and Joan of England are being ejected and belong to the player.

It is also possible (though quite boring) to pack one or more Onagers into the ships in Messina, land at the Cypriot coast (not in Limassol) and decimate both Cyprus and Isaac Komnenos while they are still allied, by using the "attack terrain" feature.

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