Curse is a Greek Heroic Age god power in Age of Mythology that is available to worshipers of Aphrodite. When invoked, it transforms a number of enemy human units and villagers in the target area into Pigs.

The amount of units converted into Pigs does not depend on the units’ armor, resource cost, or population cost, but on their health (and whether the targeted units are villagers), but it is unknown if it depends on other factors as well. The amount of units converted into Pigs is always at least 3, and at most 9.

Strategy Edit

The number of converted units is based on health, so more weak or injured units and fewer tough units will be converted. It does not affect myth units or heroes and has a reduced effect on villagers.

Curse is effective at thinning out an enemy force, and if the Pigs are captured, it provides an extra food source. It can be used both offensively and defensively.

Trivia Edit

Olympus 2

Caladrius Change transforming Murmillos

  • There are 6 variants of this god power that transforms enemies into myth units instead of transforming them into Pigs. Caladrius Change transforms enemies into Valkyries, Hydra Change transforms enemies into Hydras, Manticore Change transforms enemies into Manticores, Chimera Change transforms enemies into Chimeras, Nemean Change transforms enemies into Nemean Lions, and Cyclops Change transforms enemies to Cyclopses. These variants are used as parts of triggers in the Mount Olympus scenario and can be obtained by the player in the Scenario Editor.
    • The fact that the god power that transforms enemies into Valkyries is called Caladrius Change seems to suggest that it was intended to transform units into Caladriae at some point in development, but was changed, probably due to the fact that Caladriae are flying units and would allow the player to explore unwanted areas of the map.

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