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This article is about the unit in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Dawn of the Dukes. For the technology in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - Knights of the Mediterranean, see Crusader Knights.

Powerful all-purpose cavalry. Cannot be converted by enemy Monks.
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The Crusader Knight is an untrainable heavy cavalry unit in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Dawn of the Dukes. It is available in a few campaigns and the Scenario Editor.

The Crusader Knight has the same hit points as the Knight and lower speed, but a greater base attack and armor than the Paladin. The unit cannot be converted by enemy Monks. The Crusader Knight wears mostly plain, white robes and shield typical of crusading orders, with the black cross used historically by the Teutonic Knights, and a visored bascinet. The hero Ulrich von Jungingen has largely the same appearance except for a more elaborated horned helmet and cross decoration.


As a heavy cavalry unit, Crusader Knights are a force to be reckoned with, albeit with much less hit points. They beat most melee units without a problem and are decent against foot archer units. As cavalry, they are a counter to siege weapons as well. They are limited by their Line of Sight, which is the same as those of the Camel Rider line and the Paladin. They are similar to the Paladin, except they trade 80 hit points and 0.15 movement speed for +2/+1 armor, +2 attack, and an immunity to conversions.

As high-pierce armor units, they are good against foot archer units. As heavy cavalry units, they beat most melee units, except direct counters and heavier cavalry units. Despite being high-value melee units, they are great against Monks because of their immunity against conversion.

As mounted units, they are hard countered by the Spearman and Camel Rider lines, Kamayuks, Mamelukes, and Flemish Militia. They also struggle somewhat against the Leitis and Urumi Swordsman after Wootz Steel because their melee armor is useless. They are also an easy target to the Obuch, because their high armor can be downgraded by the Obuch's attacks, leaving them prone to the attacks of other units. Finally, being the slowest non-elephant mounted unit, they are kited to death by Cavalry Archers.

They may also struggle against other brute force units like War and Battle Elephants, Teutonic Knights, and Boyars.

Campaign appearances[]

Crusader Knights are fielded in the armies of the Teutonic Order and in crusading armies in several scenarios of the Dawn of the Dukes campaigns:

Algirdas icon Algirdas and Kestutis[]

  • No Man's Land: The Teutonic Order fields Crusader Knights. While associated with the Teutonic Order, the Livonians don't field any Crusader Knights themselves.
  • In the Shadow of the Throne: If Jogaila reforges his alliance with the Teutonic Order and destroys the Lithuanians' Pagan Shrines, Crusader Knights will join his campaign against Kestutis and Vytautas. They will periodically arrive to bolster his armies.

32 jadwiga normal Jadwiga[]

  • The Matter of the Crown: The Teutonic Order fields Crusader Knights in its army. They will arrive upon being summoned once one of the rebelling dukes surrenders, at the request of the other duke.
  • The Siege of Vilnius: Teutonic forces invade Vilnius with Crusader Knights. They also deploy Crusader Knights with their raiders on the western flank and in patrolling force along the supply route.
  • The Fruits of Her Labor: The Teutonic Order fields numerous Crusader Knights, both defending their holdings in Prussia, and deployed at the Battle of Grunwald. The Lizard Union also fields its own contingent of Crusader Knights.

Jan Zizka icon Jan Zizka[]

  • Courage and Coin: Armies of the Teutonic Order field Crusader Knights in all of their subdivisions.
  • The Golden City: Emperor Sigismund's forces and the southern Crusader army both train Crusader Knights from their Castles.
  • The Emperor's Fury: Sigismund's allied Crusaders and his own personal army both field Crusader Knights. Several Crusader Knights also attempt to cut off Jan Zizka's escape from Kutna Hora.
  • Warrior of God: A few Crusader Knights are deployed in the city of Plzen as a defensive force.

VictorsAndVanquished Campaign Icon Victors and Vanquished[]

  • Scn 31 komnenos Komnenos: Crusader Knights spawn on a Transport Ship for each of the Patriarch's objectives completed.
  • Scn 34 mstislav Mstislav: Teutonic Crusader Knights are located in encampments west of Rus territories. They will join Mstislav if he destroys the western Pagan Shrines.


  • The unit is trained from Castles at slot 4 (same as Mercenary Kipchaks).
  • With a speed of 1.2, the Crusader Knight is the slowest horse-mounted unit in the game.
  • An unlockable cosmetic mod for the official "Dress to Impress" event in September 2022 swaps the appearance of the Paladin with the Crusader Knight.



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