Crucible is the first scenario of the Genghis Khan campaign in Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings.

Scenario Instructions Edit

Starting Conditions Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Wait for instructions from Genghis Khan.
    • Ride forth to each of the Mongol tribes and convince them to join the Khan's army. Make an example of any tribes that openly war against you.
    • The Ungirrads will join if you bring a Relic to their Monastery.
    • The Uighurs will join if you kill Ornlu the wolf and return to tell the tale.
    • The Tayichi'uds will join if you defeat the Naiman and return to tell the tale.
    • The Naiman will join if you defeat the Tayichi'uds and return to tell the tale.
    • The Kereyids will join if you bring them 20 sheep.

Hints Edit

  • You can change Diplomacy settings whenever you want, but don't be surprised if the other tribes respond to your actions.
  • Only Monks are able to pick up, drop or garrison relics in Monasteries.
  • The Kereyids are known as the most religious of the tribes and may have a few Monks near their camps.
  • Use the Objectives button to keep track of new objectives or those that have changed.

Players Edit

Player Edit

  • Player (Mongols): The player starts in the south of the map. After a brief cutscene, the player is assigned with eight starting units from Genghis Khan.

Allies Edit

  • Genghis Khan (Mongols): Genghis Khan appears at the game start with his army and gives the player instructions. He does not play any further role in the scenario.
  • Kereyids (Turks): The Kereyids have their camp in the northwestern part of the map. Giving them 20 Sheep will get two of their Monks and some Cavalry Archers.
  • Uighurs (Mongols): The Uighurs are found in the eastern part of the map. Killing Ornlu the Wolf to the east of their village and returning will get most of their Camels, as well as the technology Chemistry.
  • Ungirrads (Mongols): The Ungirrads are found at the central part of the map. Placing a Relic in their Monastery will give the player most of their Mangudai.

Potential EnemiesEdit

  • Naiman (Mongols): The Nayman tribe is located at the northern part of the map. Defeating their enemy - the Tayichi'uds, will get most of their Cavalry Archers after returning to their base.
  • Tayichi'uds (Mongols): The Tayichi'uds are located at the western part of the map. Defeating their enemy - the Naiman, will get most of their Light Cavalry after returning to their base.

Neutral Edit

  • Kara-Khitai (Mongols): The Kara-Khitai have troops scattered across the map. They also have a guarded Monastery in the west (holding a Relic), a Sheep pen in the north, and some soldiers guarding another Relic behind the Naiman base in the north.

Strategy Edit

After a small scene where Khan's army appears, the player obtains four Light Cavalry and four Cavalry Archer from him. The player must convince four tribes to join the Great Khan, while being attacked by Kara-Khitai.

  1. First go to the Kereyids. Giving them 20 Sheep will get two of their Monks and some Cavalry Archers. Location of sheep easily accessible: North of their base there are 8 sheep, north of the Ungirrads there are 6 sheep, between the starting point and the Uighurs there are 8 sheep, north of the Tayichi'uds there are 2 sheep, and south of the Naiman there are 3 sheep.
  2. With their Monk now you can grab the Relic for the Ungirrads. You can fight the Kara-Khitai in the west and north of the Naiman to get their guarded Relics or you can get the Relic only guarded by wolves between the Naiman and the Uighurs in the east.
  3. Now you need to kill either the Tayichi'uds or the Naiman. You can change your stance from Allies to Neutral and attack them without retaliation.
  4. Now you can go to the Uighurs and kill Ornlu the Wolf.

If you need more units you change your stance from Allies to Neutral and can convert units with your Monks.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only level in the campaign where Genghis Khan himself actually appears.
  • Before gaining control over the starting Light Cavalry and Cavalry Archers, an archer is seen hidden in the trees near the Kereyids to prevent the player automatically losing with no units.
  • By setting all of the initially allied tribes to Neutral, it's possible to convert all their units one by one without having to fulfill favors. This is especially useful for defeating either the Tayuchi'uds or Naimans. Attempting to convert Kara-Khitai troops scattered about the map can also be used to supplement the forces; however, this could prove difficult and would require some luck.
  • Despite having Kereyid depicted as 'Turks' while Uighurs as 'Mongols', in reality it was the opposite. Kereyid was actually a Mongol Tribe like others except Uighurs/Uyghurs, while Uyghurs is a Turkic people.
  • In Old Patches (until 1.0c/1.0e) there is a small chance of Genghis Khan troops push him into the conversion zone of the initial player's troops, causing him to be controllable by the player, making the scenario ridiculously easy.
  • In history, Genghis Khan was one of the Ungirrads.
  • This is the only scenario in the game with no enemies at the beginning, only neutral.

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