Crossing the Alps is the first scenario of the Enemies of Rome campaign in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. The Carthaginian armies of Hannibal Barca must make their way through the Roman countryside.

Scenario Instructions Edit

Your plan to march into Italy through the Alps is brilliant but fraught with risk. There are dangerous tribes in the mountains and Roman garrisons in the foothills at the base of the Alps. It is likely that the Gauls in northern Italy will rally to your cause if you can break through. Scouts marked the pass through the mountains, but were then taken prisoner. If you can locate and free them, they might be of great use in your efforts to break through.

Objective Edit

  • Get both Armored Elephants and Hannibal past the double flags in the lower corner of the map.

Strategy Edit

You start the scenario with a force of War Elephants, Elephant ArchersLegions, a Scout, and the three objective-connected Elephant units (Hannibal and the Armored Elephants).

There are four units you should keep out of harm's way at all costs: the Scout, to provide Line of Sight, and the three Elephants, because you might have to run past the towers at the end, which will be a lot easier if they're at full hit points.

Move north, until you reach the yellow city. Destroying it will take them out of the picture, but you can also head east, through the woods, and hope they won't be a problem. On easier difficulties, this is the best option. Whether you destroy the town or not, head east next.

There are two ways south: one short, past a row of towers, and one longer, with no opposition. The eastern path, with no opposition, will be easier.

Break through the wall, and find and free the Villagers here. You can now build up a base and create reinforcements, but pressing through and finishing the scenario with your initial force is certainly possible.

Go through enemy defenses and soldiers, sending your War Elephants and Elephant Archers first to soak up the damage and level their defenses. The last obstacle is a row of heavily upgraded towers. Send your War Elephants forward to attack the towers, and run past them with Hannibal and the Armored Elephants. If they reach the flags, you've won.