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This article is about the technology in Age of Empires II. For the technology in Age of Mythology, see Crenellations (Age of Mythology).

Crenellations is a technology in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors that is unique to the Teutons and can be researched at the Castle once the Imperial Age is reached. Once researched, it increases Castle range by +3, and any garrisoned infantry can shoot arrows.

To clarify the latter effect, all of the player's infantry units, including units acquired through conversion, will be treated as having 2.5 ranged damage per second (the same as a Villager) for the purpose of adding arrows to garrison-able structures such as Castles, towers and Town Centers and including unique structures such as the Donjon and Krepost. Like Villagers, this value is not increased by technologies such as Fletching, Chemistry ect. The player's infantry will add arrows to allied buildings but allied infantry will not add arrows to the player's buildings. If the player's infantry units are converted by the enemy those units will no longer add extra arrows to structures, unless the enemy civilization is Teutons and has also researched Crenellations.


Normally, only archer-type units and Villagers provide additional arrows to a tower's, Town Center's, or Castle's attack while common infantry do not. Crenellations gives a Teutonic player an edge by circumventing this, allowing any garrisoned infantry to contribute to a tower/Castle/Town Center's defense. This becomes valuable if the player's army is routed and is on a retreat, and there are auxiliary Castles and towers near the enemy base, as they can hide in them to heal while also bolstering the structures' defensive capabilities. This also synergizes with the Teutons' civilization bonus of +5 garrison capacity in their towers, which allows 10 units total to garrison inside and with Crenellations 10 infantry units can contribute to the tower's total arrows. If the player is allied with Sicilians and/or Bulgarians the player's units can also garrison inside their Donjons and/or Kreposts and add arrows to those structures as well.

Another advantage to Crenellations is the increased range it gives to Castles. Despite lacking Bracer, a Teuton Castle with Crenellations and Bodkin Arrow has a massive 13 range. This allows the Castle to match the range of and fight back against Bombard Cannons with Siege Engineers and Cannon Galleons. Even fully-upgraded Elite Longbowmen will find themselves outranged by a Teuton Castle with Crenellations. However Trebuchets and Elite Cannon Galleons will still outrange the Castle, as will Turkish Bombard Cannons and Cannon Galleons with Artillery. The increased range also allows closely-clustered groups of Castles to support each other better with greater overlapping fields of fire. When combined with the ability to gain arrows from garrisoned infantry, including Teutonic Knights created within the Castles themselves, this technology makes Teuton Castles very potent static defenses and area-denial weapons.


The Teutons carried their crusade mainly into Eastern Europe while others groups vied for the Holy Land. The Teutons became especially adept at the art of building and using castles offensively to establish political control of the countryside. A few knights and soldiers in a dominating castle could control the countryside for miles.
The Conquerors manual


As the garrison effect applies to converted infantry and is lost when the player's units are converted by the enemy, it is likely that it is not applied as a unit upgrade but rather as a property of the player.


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