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This article is about the technology in Age of Empires II. For the technology in Age of Mythology, see Crenellations (Age of Mythology).

Crenellations is a technology in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors that is unique to the Teutons and can be researched at the Castle once the Imperial Age is reached. Once researched, it increases Castle range by +3, and any garrisoned infantry can shoot arrows.


Normally, only archer-type units and Villagers provide additional arrows to a tower's, Town Center's, or Castle's attack while common infantry do not. Crenellations gives a Teutonic player an edge by circumventing this, allowing any garrisoned infantry to contribute to a tower/Castle/Town Center's defense. Bombard Towers, however, do not benefit from Crenellations like normal towers since their strict garrison bonus only applies if gunpowder units are inside.

This becomes valuable if the player's army is routed and is on a retreat, and there are auxiliary Castles and towers near the enemy base, as they can hide in them to heal while also bolstering the structures' defensive capabilities.

Another advantage to Crenellations is the increased range it gives to Castles, allowing them to match the range of Bombard Cannons (except for Turks). This makes up for the Teutons lacking Bracer, though this range bonus does not extend to towers.

Team bonuses[]

  • A team containing Berbers: With Kasbah researched, researching Crenellations is 25% faster.


  • Crenellations' garrisoning effect applies to the player's infantry units and not their Castles. This means that, if a Teutonic player garrisons infantry units in an allied Castle, the allied Castle will fire additional arrows. On the other hand, if an allied player garrisons infantry units in a Teutonic Castle, the Teutonic Castle will not fire additional arrows.[1]
    • The same applies to towers and Town Centers.
    • Crenellations also applies to converted infantry units.


The Teutons carried their crusade mainly into Eastern Europe while others groups vied for the Holy Land. The Teutons became especially adept at the art of building and using castles offensively to establish political control of the countryside. A few knights and soldiers in a dominating castle could control the countryside for miles.
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