The Cree Coureur des Bois is a Native American villager in Age of Empires III. It is available at Cree Settlements.

Overview Edit

The Cree field their own version of the Coureur des Bois. Although they are available only in small numbers per trading post (5) they work in the same manner as the French Coureur des Bois. This unit requires population, unlike most native units. The Cree Coureur des Bois costs the same as the French version (1).

History Edit

"Coureur des Bois is French for "runner in the woods," the name given to a group of French fur traders. They came from all walks of French and colonial French life to hunt and trap animals for their pelts in North America. One of the first native-born Canadian explorers was Louis Joliet, who at a young age determined that he would become a Coureur des Bois. He and a handful of other Coureurs des Bois paddled down the Mississippi river in canoes, determining that it would empty into the Gulf of Mexico, but feared to travel as far as the mouth into the hands of the Spanish. They noted rivers to the west as they went, hoping that one would flow into the seas of China or Japan. He became well-established in the fur trade and had several land holdings that he traveled between. It was on a trip to one of these that he died in 1700."

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