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Craftsmanship is a technology in Age of Empires that can be researched at the Market once Iron Age is reached. To research this upgrade, 240 food and 200 wood is required.

Once researched, the range of all units that fires a projectile increases by one point, with the exception of siege weapons and siege ships. Woodcutters also benefit from this upgrade as they work 20% faster and carry +2 wood. The player also gains the ability to upgrade Ballistae to Helepolises. This is the last woodworking technology available from the Market.

It is available to all civilizations except the Macedonians, Palmyrans, Persians, and Sumerians.

Civilization bonuses[]


The discovery of inexpensive ways to make iron was as great a technological leap over bronze making as bronze was over stone.  Iron surpassed bronze in every critical characteristic- hardness, strength, and the ability to hold an edge before needing to be resharpened- Plus one.  Iron was much easier to acquire than were copper and tin, making it available to all cultures and for all uses.  Historians consider the ability to make and use iron ore one of the distinctions between barbaric and civilized culture.
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