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The Coyote is a Treasure Guardian featured in Age of Empires III. It is the weakest Treasure Guardian in the game if The Asian Dynasties is not installed.

Coyotes appears in Rockies, Great Plains, Texas, Painted Desert, and Sonora. They have the same basic in-game model as the Wolf, but has a weaker attack and fewer hit points. If the Home City card Smoke Signals is sent as the Lakota, the Lakota War Chief can train pet Coyotes for the price of 60 food.


Scientific Name: Canis latrans
Approx. Size: 20 in. at the shoulder, 30 lb.
Diet: Large and small mammals, carrion, garbage

The coyote is a small, grayish-brown, wolf-like canine that inhabits deserts, prairies, and other grasslands, but can survive close proximity with humans. Clearing of forest lands in some areas has actually expanded the range of coyotes. Because coyotes are smart and adaptable, they are learning how to live alongside humans. They communicate with long, wavering howls and sharp yips that individuals vocalize on top of one another. This can make an eerie cacophony, haunting and beautiful in its own way.


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Fang the Tame Coyote[]

Fang the Tame Coyote is a pet Coyote in Age of Empires III that is mainly available to the Lakota.

If the Home City Card Smoke Signals is sent as the Lakota, the Lakota War Chief can train pet Coyotes for the price of 50 food. Training time is 10 seconds, and it pays for itself very fast as a lot of experience from Treasure Guardians and resources from Treasures can be acquired.

Overall, they are a weak pet, being very cost effective against Treasure Guardians if the War Chief is taking all the damage but not very useful against military units compared to other pets. In patch 1.03 of The Asian Dynasties, its cost was decreased by 10 food and its damage was decreased to 6.

Fang the Tame Coyote is affected by War Chief Health Aura increasing his speed by 10% (0.5) and War Dance increasing his damage by up to 27% (1.62). Strangely, Coyotes get 10% (4.5) increased HP if Infantry Breastplate is researched at a Teepee after the New Ways card is shipped.


Fang automatically gets stronger when advancing in Age.

Home City shipments[]

  • Exploration Age: 6 Coyotes
  • Exploration Age: Smoke Signals - Adds +50% damage and HP to base stats of the War Chief, and lets him train Coyotes.
  • Commerce Age: TEAM 4 Coyotes
  • Commerce Age: New Ways - Enables certain European Arsenal improvements in the player's Longhouses.