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Coup is the sixth scenario of the Yamato, Empire of the Rising Sun campaign in Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, replacing Oppression.

Scenario instructions[]


Asuka 645 CE

The Soga must be stopped! Since the days of Prince Shōtoku, the clan has had its thumb on the Imperial family, but now, they have gone too far. They plan to depose your mother, the Empress, and put a more compliant puppet on the imperial throne. Prince Naka no Ōe, you must defeat the Soga and finally drive them from power, but exercise caution. They control the imperial capital, and you are not yet in a strong position to confront them. You may need to hide your intentions by offering the Soga gifts of peace until you are powerful enough to defeat them.
—In-game section

Starting conditions[]



  1. Tribute is not the only answer, but it might be the best until you have built up your strength.
  2. Do not forget that trade brings gold. The Fujiwara seek a trading partner.
  3. It may be necessary to relocate. Your Fujiwara allies are kind to their guests.



  • Player (Yamato AoE Yamato): The player starts with some buildings and villagers, inside of the Soga town.


  • Fujiwara (Yamato AoE Yamato): Fujiwara controls a small town in the east bank.

Ally → Enemy[]

  • Soga (Yamato AoE Yamato): The Soga starts having a large town in the west bank of the river, with an important army featuring Composite Bowmen and Stone Throwers. They will threaten the player to pay tribute or be declared enemy.


It would be safest to keep contributing the gold to the Soga upon request until after the player reaches the Bronze Age. Assign two Villagers to gather gold, and two to gather food. Create four more Villagers to work on gold. Send one Villagers to the shore in the southeast to construct a Dock, and after it is finished, create a Light Transport. Transport a Villager over to the nearest shore in the southeast, then direct him to go as eastward as possible. This will reveal another Town Center, Granary, and several Houses. Create more Villagers, assign some to mine the gold south of the new Town Center, and assign some more to the Berry Bushes near the new Granary. Feel free to assign Villagers to the gold mine in the Fujiwara's town, too. Create about a half dozen Fishing Boats and put them to work. More Berry Bushes can be found on the southernmost isle; some Villagers ought to attend to them. Put three or four (new) Villagers in a Light Transport, send it to the southwestern edge of the map, then deploy them on the northwestern shore. Assign them to the gold mine up there.

Age up to the Bronze Age as soon as possible. Construct a Stable somewhere in the Soga's town and train at least five Cavalry. Build an Archery Range somewhere, then construct a Siege Workshop in the Soga's town as rapidly as possible. Put the Cavalry next the two Guard Towers in the Soga's Government Center's courtyard. Generate at least two Stone Throwers, then send them to the center of the courtyard. Set the diplomatic stance toward the Soga to 'Enemy' and immediately command the Stone Throwers to attack the Government Center.

Another useful strategy is to create several Axemen upgraded as far as possible, and then block the entry to the Government Center with several layers of Stone Walls. Switch diplomacy like the above solution, and - if necessary - lure the archers to shoot on one or two Axemen and dodge the arrows while the others destroy the Goverment Center.


After defeating the Mononobe, the Soga clan heads were the powers behind the throne for the next few Emperors and Empresses. By 645 CE, Soga no Emishi and his son Soga no Iruka had begun to assert themselves more overtly in imperial affairs. In response, a courtier named Nakatomi no Kamatari conspired with a junior member of the Soga clan and Prince Naka no Ōe, son of the reigning Empress Kōgyoku, to assassinate the Soga clan heads.

Known as the Isshi Incident, the assassination of Soga no Iruka took place during a court ceremony at which memorials were being read to the Empress. Prince Naka no Ōe had ordered four assassins to kill the Soga leader, but when they became too frightened to carry out the order, the prince himself rushed Iruka, killing him in front of the Empress. Shocked by the violence, Empress Kōgyoku abdicated and her brother ascended the throne as Emperor Kōtoku. Having heard of his son's death, Soga no Emishi committed suicide by self-immolation and the Soga clan passed into history.

Although he only ruled for ten years, Emperor Kōtoku established significant reforms in Japanese political culture, with the support of his nephew Prince Naka no Ōe. Known as the Taika Reforms, these policies implemented in 645 CE centralized Imperial power, in imitation of Chinese political systems. Confucian ideas were introduced, and Japanese envoys and scholars were sent to China to learn and adopt many aspects of Chinese culture and religion.

Ten years after ascending the throne, Kōtoku died and his sister returned to rule Japan. On her death in 661 CE, Prince Naka no Ōe ascended the throne and took the name Emperor Tenji.
—In-game section


Prince Naka no Ōe, you have returned the Imperial family to glory by your victory over the Soga. Though it will be many years before you ascend the throne as Emperor Tenji, your victory has assured that your uncle and mother will be secure in their reigns. Your uncle has already begun to institute reforms to increase Imperial power and reduce the influence of the clan heads. It is your hope that the Emperor of Japan will never again be a pawn of the clans.
—In-game section


The Soga find your attempt at keeping your mother in power cute. They call you "mama's boy."
—In-game section
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