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Skirmishers armed with rifles (Skirmishers, Cassadores, Cherokee, etc) do more damage to Heavy Infantry (Musketeers, Halberdiers, etc.)
—In-game description

Counter Infantry Rifling is a technology in Age of Empires III that can be researched by European civilizations at the Arsenal; Haudenosaunee and Lakota can also research it at the Longhouse and the Teepee respectively once the New Ways Home City Card has been sent. Once researched, it increases the attack multiplier of Rifle Infantry, as well as the Pirate (Haiti only, after the "Letter of Marque" Home City Card has been sent) against heavy infantry by ×1.0. Fire Throwers have their multiplier against heavy infantry increased by ×0.75, Nizam Fusiliers receive an additional ×1.0 multiplier against all Infantry in Volley mode, and Rifle Infantry that are also Counter Skirmishers instead receive an additional ×1.0 multiplier against Light Infantry.

Use cases[]

Counter Infantry Rifling is especially useful for civilizations that have Royal Guard upgrades for their Skirmishers (Germans and French), or those that have a unique replacement for Skirmishers (Abus Guns and Cassadores). It helps them counter heavy infantry even more effectively without improving their general stats.


Age of Empires III[]

  • The in-game description is "Skirmishers armed with rifles (Skirmishers, Abus Guns, Cassadores, Jaegers, Strelets, Cherokee, Cree) do more damage to heavy infantry (Musketeers, Halberdiers, etc.)".

The WarChiefs[]

Definitive Edition[]

  • Counter Infantry Rifling no longer affects Navajo Riflemen.
  • Counter Infantry Rifling now properly affects Renegados and Thuggees.
  • Counter Infantry Rifling affects the Pirate's ranged attack when enabled by the Letter of Marque card.
  • The in-game description is "Skirmishers armed with rifles (Skirmishers, Cassadores, Cherokee, etc) do more damage to Heavy Infantry (Musketeers, Halberdiers, etc.)".
  • With update 23511, Nizam Fusiliers are affected by Counter Infantry Rifling when in Volley Mode.

Knights of the Mediterranean[]

  • Counter Infantry Rifling now increases Counter Skirmishers' multiplier against Light Infantry instead of its usual effect of increasing multiplier against Heavy Infantry.


  • Even though the Indians and Chinese do not have access to Country Infantry Rifling, Gurkhas and Arquebusiers get a +1 attack bonus multiplier vs Heavy infantry by shipping specific Home City Cards, achieving the similar effect as Counter Infantry Rifling.
  • Even though Abus Guns are technically not a rifle, they benefit from Counter Infantry Rifling, most likely for game balancing.
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