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The Counter-Barracks is a Classical Age building in Age of Mythology: The Titans that is only available to the Atlanteans. It is where the Atlantean counter units are trained and where technologies that improve them are researched.

All the units trained in this building are hard counters, that is, they excel against their target unit but are weak against practically everything else. However, the Katapeltes has a bonus against siege weapons and the Cheiroballista is good against ships.

Note that the Atlanteans have no need to research Medium Archers, as they gain this technology for free.



Myth Technologies[]

Technology tree[]

Medium Infantry
Heavy Infantry
Champion Infantry
Medium Archers
Heavy Archers
Champion Archers
px Cheiroballista
Heavy Cheiroballista
Champion Cheiroballista
Levy Counter Units
Levy Counter Units
Conscript Counter Units
Conscript Counter Units


All civilizations the world has seen so far have had the need to train soldiers for defense, at least, if not aggression against neighbors. For many this training took place at a barracks, which served as both a living quarters and training ground. New recruits were assigned to the barracks and after a training period they were ready for service. At the barracks they learned the mechanics of their weapons, the drill of battlefield movements, and the discipline required to obey orders in combat.


  • If the number of Counter-Barracks built by the player is even, using hotkeys to locate the Counter-Barracks will only select the latest ones built. However, when the number of Counter-Barracks built by the player is odd, pressing the hotkey will allow the player to navigate all of the Counter-Barracks throughout the map one at a time.
  • Unlike most buildings, which have 30% hack armor, the Counter-Barracks has 40% hack armor.


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