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The Cougar is a predatory cat featured as a Treasure Guardian in Age of Empires III. It is, along with the Wolf, one of the most common Treasure Guardians in the game, appearing on a plethora of maps. A Cougar is a medium strong Treasure Guardian, not quite as strong as a Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, or Polar Bear, and slightly weaker than the Jaguar, but still more powerful than the Wolf, Coyote, and Alligator.


Scientific Name: Felis concolor
Approx. Size: 7 ft. long, 170 lb.
Diet: Large and small mammals

Also commonly called mountain lion, puma, or panther, the cougar has a tawny, red or gray coat and pale belly. Before European settlement of the New World, cougars and their relatives ranged the length and breadth of North and South America, and though their territory is much smaller now, they have one of the largest ranges of any animal in the New World. They chiefly hunt large mammals, but eat smaller game in the absence of larger game.


A tame cougar that is good against guardians.
—In-game description

Buttercup the Pet Cougar is a pet Cougar in Age of Empires III. It can be either tamed by allying with the Tupi minor native and researching Tupi Animal Lore that allows them to be trained at Town Centers and heroes, or collected as a Treasure item. Buttercup has a fair amount of hit points, good speed, and has a good attack multiplier against Treasure Guardians.

Home City shipments[]

Fierce Cougar[]

A hungry cougar that will attack on sight.
—In-game description
Dangerous animal
—In-game description

The Fierce Cougar is a unit specific to the campaign. It appears in the Act III: Steel scenario Journey Through the Andes, where it is part of the Circle of Ossus's army trying to stop Amelia Black.